Saturday, 1 September 2012

Injury Update

Today was Chiropractor day I went there with great optimism although how do you say 2 bike rides one of 12.9 miles and the other 17.35 miles was taking it easy with a straight face was a challenge I think I pulled it off!

Joking aside the first bike ride was to my Mum's on Monday and the second bike ride was to my Dad's, I gave myself three whole days rest between the two to see if my hip flared up or not, even this morning apart from my legs being a little stiff when I got out of bed which is normal (I'm no spring chicken anymore)

1st Bike Ride  2nd Bike Run

So I had my treatment and we talked as we do about whats happening the fact that the bike riding is good for my hips and helps which is great news, and then I get the shock of my life we talk about running again just  one run two miles only then leave it for five miles to see how the hip copes then go for a three mile if all is good then another five day break up to four miles then see how we go. Now you think I would be singing from the rooftops but having gone through the ringer the last few weeks, I am a little worried to be honest and the only reason for that is the fear of failure the fear of getting closer to maybe never running again.

How stupid is that? what I should be feeling is the opportunity to nurse myself back to fitness slowly and safely to give me the best chance to run injury free in the future. My first response to the Chiropractor after him telling me was to confirm that I could still ride my bike in between the runs and that if I felt any hip pain that I would stop and wait to see him again. I am looking forward to doing my run and starting the process again hopefully my body won't break down but if it does I'm better equipped this time to deal with it and the bike riding is the difference this time. I also think with all the information I've had lately that being more level headed is better as well.

I have loved both my bike rides so far the fact that I can now ride without the worry of making my hip worse will be a relief and allow me enjoy it a bit more. I think its worth noting that I'm using a mountain type bike and not a road bike, this is the bike that I hated riding last year and whilst I'm enjoying it so far I feel that if this is the way go and mix and match or just bike riding then I need a fit for purpose bike. The other thing that is a little worrying is that other bike riders are overtaking me now I know most have not been riding there bike for one or two hours.

I know that I feel good having cycled for that long and feel amazing and maybe some more speed would come from a fit for purpose bike there again it may not, the fact is as always going out and doing it is the victory the fact I'm loving riding a bike I hated and pushing myself is amazing. I think what I'm trying to get across is that I have learned a lot over the past couple of months I have kept all my options open found other ways to train and learnt that I need to give my body time to heal. Frustration is a word I have used often but as long as I find information and learn from it I will come out the other side a better person and athlete.

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