Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Year 3 July

Good news I think this may be a short blog It has taken 2 weeks to sit down and write this as I have struggled to add anything meaningful. I have even reread June's post to make sure I don't repeat myself.

I think the main thing to come out of July was that I only trained for one day it may have been a 32 mile cycle ride and a 2.3 mile run later in the day, I am completely fine with that stat and that is the biggest learning curve for me.

Regular readers will know how much I have struggled with not being able to run whilst injured and/or not fully fit thus never allowing my body to fully recover, the fact that I have allowed my body the chance to relax and recover whilst not beating myself up for being lazy or worrying about falling out of love of running or training.

I am so much more mentally stronger than I used to be, for that I am grateful to my pods to the support of Sandra and Trevor and my running partners who have always helped and supported me (I like to thing its a two way thing with my running partners) you know who you are.

The important thing to note is that it has taken over 12 months if not longer to reach this point and many little chats and pep talks along the way plus no one giving up on me when I really struggled with how to handle the advice in the right way. This has been a long and sometimes painful (mentally) part of my journey and it shows the importance of patience on both sides as now I can see that all the advice and help I received make's sense now but at the time I could not process it into a meaningful way forward for me.

So thats it really for this month, as we are halfway through the month I can say that a load of great things have happened already so next months blog will have plenty of good news and feelgood factor stuff as well. Blimey I am even exciting myself with the build up to the next blog (no pressure then)  

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