Friday, 21 March 2014

Portsmouth Duathlon Series 2014

I blog about my journey, adventures and record my runs and races for two reasons, the first one is for me so that I have a record and I can see how I have improved over time and the second more important reason is to inspire others who wish to change there lifestyles, what can be achieved if you believe in yourself and push your boundaries. Not everyone has to run or cycle long or short distances to be successful it can just be doing more than you did before. Taking the dog for a work more often and for a longer time is just as rewarding as me running or cycling long distances. Its all about doing more than we did before.

I am very lucky that I get a lot of help support and encouragement from many quarters, I am sure that without that support network I would not have done half of what I have achieved in the last 3 years. Last Sunday I took part in a local Duathlon race this is the second year of the the 3 race series and my only goal this year is to complete all 3 races, last year in race 2 I twisted my ankle on the beach section and had to pull out. its worth remembering that last year I had problems with my calf's.

Three weeks ago I took part in the Portsmouth Half Marathon sadly my calf's gave way and I had to walk the last 6 miles, so doing the Duathlon and just having a goal of completing is a major goal. I manged to complete the Duathlon by doing the last 5K slowly but allowing me to run in the last 1k without my calf's seizing up. 5k Run 15K Cycle 5K Run I am going to see my Doctor and Podiatrist next week to discuss what other options are now available for my calf's, on the positive side I can still run shorter distances like 10K without problems and I can cycle long distances just like yesterday Cycle Training

The next Duathlon will be 7.5K run 15K cycle and 5K run with a 4 week gap I am confidant that I will complete the course but hopeful my calf will give me a chance of doing better in the last 5K run. I would like to thank Hazel for coming out with the camera and taking great photos of the day. It was only because Dame Kelly was there I asked Hazel to come and stand in the cold for over two hours Hazel has done her time standing in the cold and wet for me so I appreciate her efforts Thank You.

Now for the main reason for blogging about our little Duathlon series and my amazing day that even now 5 days later I am still buzzing about. We had a sporting great and one of 3 sporting hero's of mine taking part in this race Dame Kelly Holmes. Dame Kelly is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of her Double Olympic Gold Medal triumph by doing a Duathlon a month for the year.    

Dame Kelly Holmes 
Dame Kelly spent time with other competitor's allowing photo's to be taken and quick chats to be had, Dame Kelly also spent time after the race doing the same thing. Sadly I was to slow to see Dame Kelly at the end (even I would not wait around for me to finish!!!) But I managed to have a couple of chats and photos at the start

I was also lucky that in the bike transition that being a back marker its a nightmare finding somewhere to put the bike I found a small space and hung my bike up I had to take off helmet etc and get ready to run my last 5K Who happened to be right there having just finished her run yep Dame Kelly how lucky was I? I had another very quick chat with Dame Kelly upset that I did not have a pen to get my number signed. Dame Kelly is a brilliant athlete a kind and carrying person with a radiant smile and a love for people like me to be taking part in these events. It's not all about winning or being at the front, I know that the first 2 thirds of the race were good for me I did what I hoped I would do (we always want a little faster) the last section I have to work on.

I said earlier I had 3 sporting hero's they are Dame Kelly Holmes I remember her two gold medal runs Dame Kelly was not favorite to win both races but hard work and determination got her home. I admired that motivation and focus more so since I started running 3 years ago.
Mo Farah what a great athlete and role model as Mo was inside my 3 years I understood better what he managed to achieved I also had the pleasure of being in the same race as Mo last year the Bupa 10,000 Now this is a bigger event with VIP tents so I did not get to speak or get photos with Mo. Just being able to see him on the other side of the road running so fast was amazing and again something to cherish.
Paula Radcliffe is my last sporting hero and someone I have yet to meet or be in the same event as, As someone who has and is struggling with injury free running I have felt Paula's pain for a long time as she has battled against injury and sadly failing in the end bringing her career to an early end. I trust that Paula can still run for fun and enjoy herself.  





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