Sunday, 27 February 2011

Week One

End of week one not sure if its a total success but I know improvements have been made, and due to the fact I work shifts I am still learning and planning to make better choices next time round. I am still scared that sometimes when I eat I will not stop but as time passes I feel confident that will pass as I have my Slimpod  which is clearly my new rock as it helps immensely again many thanks to Sandra and Trevor at

Time for the important bit then the big weigh in. I will start by saying that my highest weight in late December was 133.6 kg my weight in January when my weight was shown on Channel 5 news was 129.3 my weight on Friday 18th February when I went to meet Sandra and Trevor was 126kg and today my weight is 124.3kg.

Here's to the next week and lets hope the numbers keep dropping and I can start to get more into a routine with my shift patterns and then maximize the weight loss.

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