Sunday, 6 March 2011

Week Two

Week two and I feel better about the whole process of changing my eating habits and working them into my shift patterns,now more willing to accept eating at different times as I need to give my body energy at the right times.I have had two bad nights with my blood sugar levels this week but I am aware why they happened and have made a mental note to make changes if my evenings are different from the norm.

The slimpod is still working well and I listen every night before I go to sleep and I am convinced that it also helps me to sleep better as well this is a big plus as lack of quality of sleep has been a big problem over the years.I still have worries about overeating but this week I feel better about it than last week so I will just take it one week at a time and hope it gets easier as time passes.

Anyway the big way weigh in, last week my weight was 124.3kg and today's weight is 121.9kg that's a weight loss of 2.4kg for this week. I am really pleased with the weight loss and the way this week went in achieving that weight loss.

I am now looking forward to the next week which is a big improvement on last week I have also noticed that this week I have been more happy and the hazy fog in my head has lifted this is clearly making a big difference
to my wellbeing and weight loss. I am still struggling with hunger pains but again I am hopeful this will ease with time.

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