Sunday, 6 March 2011

First Contact with Thinking slimmer

Crazy! Man piles on the weight so he can have operation to help him lose it all again

THE world’s leading cognitive hypnotherapist has offered to help Darin McCloud lose weight under hypnosis so that he won’t need to fatten himself up to qualify for a gastric band.
Darin, 45, weighs 280lbs and suffers from diabetes but his local hospital in Portsmouth, Hampshire, says he is 14lbs too light to qualify for a £7,000 operation.
So the 5ft 7in traffic warden spends all day eating bacon rolls, crisps and takeaway burgers so that he will put on enough weight to have an operation to make him lose it all again.
Master hypnotherapist Trevor Silvester, of the Thinking Slimmer weight loss consultancy in London, said:  “I feel desperately sorry for Darin, because I know I can help him, but his case is the saddest, maddest example yet of the lunacy of gastric bands.
“When will people wake up to the facts – that gastric bands make surgeons rich but do little for most the patients who undergo the operation.
“Treating the body to cure the symptoms of obesity does not solve the root cause, which is almost always an emotional attachment to food. You have to retune the mind, not tamper with the body.”
Trevor, the founder of cognitive hypnotherapy with a practice at No 1 Harley Street, London, has offered to treat Darin free of charge at Thinking Slimmerand provide him with a series of hypnotic voice recordings called Slimpods.
They have been created to make people see food and exercise differently, taking away cravings, making them feel full quicker and wanting to move about more.
Trevor  went on: “There are thousands of people like Darin who have lost weight and kept it off through hypnotherapy, At Thinking Slimmer we have many case studies that prove our techniques work easily and effectively without the trauma – and expense to the  NHS – of major surgery.
“One of our ladies lost 36lbs in four months without the need to diet. If Darin is serious about wanting to lose weight and improve his health then he could certainly lose up to five stone in six months with Thinking Slimmer.
“Our hypnotic recordings called Slimpods take away all the drudgery of dieting and all the mental anguish of gastric band surgery. One of my partners at Thinking Slimmer met a woman recently who had undergone gastric band surgery and although she had lost four stone she was desperately unhappy because her craving for food was still there.
“The tragedy for her was that she was still obsessed with eating but was in turmoil because her body wouldn’t allow her to do what her mind was desperate to do.
“I understand why Darin says he can’t diet any more – like most people, he’s realised that in the long run diets just don’t work. Research shows that 95 per cent of people who diet end up putting all the weight back on again. 

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