Sunday, 13 March 2011

Week Three

Had a good week this week actually looked forward to weigh in so thats a big positive to start with. Had a salad with mackerel on Saturday night I did think that it was not proper food! Not only did I eat it all I enjoyed it and it filled me up another positive from the week. Also went to maccie d's for t-break and resisted  the smell and walked out with just a cuppa another positive that the control is there and I don't need junk food. 

I do worry that I may be eating to much fruit I feel that maybe I eat fruit just to eat and that is not supposed to happen. I will have to keep an eye on this as I don't want to not eat enough. On the whole food is really not as big an issue as it always was in the past and I feel comfortable with the process that I am going through, the slimpod is working and I am still amazed that it is if I'm honest.

The weigh in this week came in at 121.0kg last weeks was 121.9kg thats a loss of 0.9kg. First off all thats a great weight loss and I'm really pleased that I have lost weight again, BUT (why does there have to be one?) I feel a little deflated that it was not a bit more I just feel that last week was pretty much the same as this week but only half the weight loss?

 Having found weight conversion at last and the fact I weigh in kg my goal weight of 13 stone is 83kg so breaking down the numbers started 133kg target 83kg 50kg weight loss to target and only 38kg to go and 12 kg already gone now it looks so much easier. Here's to week Four and losing at least another bag of sugar maybe 2.

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