Sunday, 11 September 2011

Week Twenty Nine

I have had a very interesting week, I have made an important decision about the next seven weeks regarding the Great South Run, hopefully it will be the right decision? I have also spent a day with Thinking Slimmer making a video for them. How time has gone so fast to be at this point to give Thinking Slimmer something back for all their help and support.  

On Tuesday Chris Roycroft-Davis spent the day with me, it was a great day learning how to do interviews and handle questions, and making the success video  The day gave me such a big boost as we talked about different thinks and about how they see my success which I still find hard to see as my journey still has some way to go. But I am getting better at accepting my success whilst still seeing the road ahead.

With only seven weeks until the Great South Run and having produced a good run and time for Five miles yesterday taking into account my injury problems that was an absolute bonus, as I was running and feeling good  with myself I made the decision that between now and the race I will concentrate only on my training, which means hydration and fueling my body, if I get these things right I give myself the best possible chance to do the best training I can do and be able to complete the race with the minimal risk of carrying an injury into the race or in training. I have now realized that my body could not have done this much work with no injuries, so at least I have come to terms with this.

I am not going to post my weight until race day because I know my weight will fluctuate, more so as I stop the x-box until after the race unless really bad weather sets in then I will still exercise indoors. I have put on a couple of pounds max this week but clearly my aim now is the Great South Run firstly for me secondly for Diabetes UK Text SLIM65 £5 to 70070   (any amount where £5 goes) and thirdly for  Please donate, even £1 will make a difference.

I hope that I am making the right choice's and after the race I can go back to the weight loss, if I'm honest I would love to be 15 Stone for the race but now I realize the training comes first for now. If anyone thinks this is wrong please give feedback. My blogs will be about my training for the race I feel that distance may be short but I will be good for the race, I am learning to run for longer periods and having shorter recovery walks, breathing is the key to this by standing more upright allowing more air into my lungs, this really does work and the improvements are quite dramatic.


  1. Sounds likes it's been a really exciting week. I still think you might have built up the relationship between the Xbox and the weight loss to something more significant than it is! I suspect you'll be surprised to see the weight drop off as you step up your running ;)
    Well done on the runs this week. You're doing amazingly well. Very exciting

  2. Hi Darin,

    I think you're doing the right thing. One of my running friends told me that if you want to get better at running, the only way to do it is to run! I know you enjoy your Xbox but I think you'll be surprised by the weight loss as you up your running - it's the best way to burn calories of all types of exercise.

    I'm back from holiday now, a few pounds heavier due to all the food & drink, not running as often and not listening to my Slimpod every day (tut tut) but have set myself a target to be under 13 stone when we do the GSRun in just under 7 weeks time. Bring on the training - we can do it!!

  3. I totally agree. Our bodies are brilliantly efficient, so running ten miles only burns about 1000 calories. The body fat we carry is simply an energy store for just such occasions, so you don't need to eat more to run - unless you're about 3% bodyfat. Keep hydrated, keep eating sensibly, but don't think you have to eat more because you're in training. I did a half marathon before breakfast the other morning on a piece of flapjack before I started, and three squares of chocolate halfway through and felt fine. And my bodyfat has really dropped since I've been in training to run with you. I think you'll find this could be the next level that will get you down to 15stone - and fitter at the same time. Can't wait to run with you. I've got our costume. Which end of the horse do you want to be?

  4. Cheers Trevor unless its a very stretchy costume I think the front end as speed has clearly passed me by.I too am looking forward to you all running as it will help us slow ones to keep going when th going gets a little tough.

  5. Well done Darin, nothing to add as it's all been said! After the GSR you can get in training for the 2013 Marathon with us!!!