Monday, 5 September 2011

Week Twenty Eight

Sorry about last weeks blog, although not a lot to say I could have done a lot better with it. This week however  has been a great learning week, I just love these weeks so much, more than losing weight to be be honest.

First up I blurted out an email to Sandra, I do try identify and solve my problems as my previous blogs show but last week I did not know how best to deal with a problem and how it might turn out if I did. Sandra phoned me back and we had a chat not a long one but enough for me to move forward. Also thanks to "The Moiderer" who gave me the same message in our little chat on-line. The Thinking Slimmer support network is truly amazing and kicks in the most when you need it. This is why I am so proud to be a part of this great product and to pass on my knowledge help and support to others as payback for getting my life back.

I do try to vary things a little to test how I am doing, do I need to still do this thing or that thing, what happens if I stop something, will I be ok or will I need to keep doing it. I have for a about a month not used the Slimpod this has been way to long to go without, but as a learning experience it has taught me a valuable lesson so the time has not been wasted. So I have gone back to my Slimpod (I will be taking Trevor to bed with me every night again sorry ladies needs must!) For the first time in the past month I have again had hunger pains, in a good way not a bad way. As I am on a lifestyle change I need the slimpod for a lot longer than someone who only wants to lose a dress style, Lesson learnt and it is no hardship to do either.

In the last month and a half I have had to make a decision about doing overtime at work,I have been very lucky and not had to do any this year as I concentrated I my lifestyle change, If nothing changes then it cannot work? Again I have had the support of Hazel on this front which has helped enormously. Overtime can only be done on a late shift so if I do it, it takes a lot out of me, it interferes a little with training and a lot on rest I have made my mind up I will do it for this month and then stop,That will give me October to put all my energy in to the Great South Run.

As you are aware I have struggled with a couple of injuries, last Saturday I joined Powerade Ion Race Ready Bupa Great South Run - Launch Event A bonus for living in the same city as the race.This has made me realize how hard but not impossible it is to prepare for such an event for a start point of zero, great people who gave great advice and help and showed me the importance of dehydration this was another eureka moment having that advice, the problems with my calf became so much clearer in an instant, this event also last for eight weeks so the back up is there as well. I asked about my X-Box Fitness and the training for the Great South Run with only eight weeks to go I have to get my body ready for race day now time has now caught me up. The advice was if you enjoy it keep doing it, it clearly works for you, but for the race cut down to once a week and run instead of X-Box. I have now made the decision to do just that but I will now need to run from home on those occasion's as getting to the seafront is not easy luckily their is a route I can do,so will try it and see what the distance is. I am now feeling brave enough to try a new route mainly because I have to now.

My weight this week is 102.3kg or 16st 1.5lb Still not hit 15st something mark yet a little disappointing to be honest but not the end of the world. Lifestyle not Diet! I have my measurements not sure what the changes mean but something else to learn from in the future Chest 45.5in No Change,Waist 43.5in No Change, Stomach 43.5in No Change, Butt 42in No Change, Left Thigh 22in No Change, Left Calf 18in up .5in, Right Thigh 21in down 1.5in, Right Calf 17.5in No Change. Left Calf and Right Thigh changed in a month the rest the same interesting? This is month three of measurements, please please measure as early as you can the scales will play nasty tricks with your head trust me. One of my biggest regrets not doing this when I started. 

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  1. Great post Darin. Sounds like it must have been a dazzling week with all those light bulbs going off! I hope you have good sunglasses ;o)