Sunday, 27 November 2011

Week Forty

Lets start off with my eating habits not gone as well as I would have hoped, normal life is so much more different than holidays. Lets not carried away that this is a major failure or I have fallen off the wagon and lost control over food, this is about my weakness over bread and and ryvita and failing back to them so easily after the holiday were the only snacking was fruit.
For this lapse I am deeply disappointed with myself and I clearly still need help at home to address this problem, whilst some may find it tiresome, I find it frustrating and upsetting that I need so much help with this area still, I can cope with sweets, chocolate's, muffin's and cakes and takeaway meals in the house and in sight which is an amazing feat considering I would have eaten it for the sake of it in the old days, but the bread issue I fail on time after time. next time

I am the proud owner of a Garmin Forerunner 305 What a brilliant piece of kit this is, the way to go after spending this long training and having my first big run and signed up for more in the future, Only used it twice so far and I have learnt so much from it, I have so much more to learn to harness this information but the quality of my training will improve because of it. The other advice I have been given about the heart monitor is to run slower to keep the heart rate lower for one run, do the same as I have for one run and to do some short fast runs and then slower runs for another run.  Call it an early Christmas present or a reward for the Great South Run I don't care I just love it. This is the link to my training record   and this is my notes from the two runs.

First run with Garmin watch. Not sure how much information you will see so I will bore you with mile mark times. Mile one 11:01 mile two 12:37 Mile three 12:11 and last .88of a mile 10:04. So went too fast which I knew but I had my go faster new all singing all dancing watch, so hyped up was I, that I'm not surprised, seeing my times gives me a new information to work with and use to improve my runs. This is such a cool piece of equipment I love it.

Sunny Dry and mild. Day 2 of using Garmin 305 plus 1st day of using heart rate monitor, the data from the heart monitor means nothing to me at the moment but Dr's will tell me how it is, I think maybe a little to high but I don't know. This run is a new PB by 43 seconds and was helped by the information on the watch. I forgot to mention yesterday that I have have run without my skins my legs feel naked but all seems alright. The last 3 runs I have done feel quite heavy on my chest I wonder if running in colder weather makes a difference (answer's on a postcard) or email my times suggest i'm working harder but I just don't know.

Next up the big news about my Diabetes I have had the results back from my blood test for my Hba1c this has dropped further and stayed within the normal boundaries before it was 7.6% or 60 under the new way of recording to 6.5% or 48 having spoken with Dr Lorraine Albon it was agreed to stick with the Victoza regularly, to drop my night time Insulin down to 6 units, and my normal Insulin with meals at the required amount for the food I'm eating. The Insulin will not stop overnight but it is being managed in the right way and is now over 90% less than at the start of the year.

This is the 100% success story of my whole journey so far, and the most important without me being in better health no amount of weight loss or running would make a difference to me. Am I disappointed with my weight loss at the moment? yes I am for the reasons mentioned above until I have total control I fear I will struggle a little with the scales, as I am aware of this and the reason's why plus the fact I am not piling on the lbs makes it a little easier to cope with. Am I depressed by this setback? no way I have the question's and the answer's I just have get everything to click in to place at the same time, this will happen it's just taking a little longer than I would have hoped for.

I have been out for a run this morning which should be for next weeks blog, I think its important in terms of what I have already said in this blog so far,to add it this week.

Sunny mild a little windy Great run along the seafront with Mel, Carol, Karen. It was great to run and chat another first for me and what I need to be able to do with now so that's great. The girls commented on my weight which is great as they have not seen me for a month makes a mockery of the scales. Heart beat lower which is good as well. Thanks Girls really enjoyable run.

It was great to catch up and hear how everyone has got on in the last four weeks it was amazing to listen to what they said about about me knowing this blog was already written and waiting to go. Scales should be banned, I am still disappointed with my eating habits but I am so relived that others see me as some one still changing shape and looking thinner than when they last saw me, this is freaking my head out a little but is something to work on and to take the positives out of. My weight for this week is 101.5kg  a tiny gain of 0.2kg so I have not fallen off the wagon like I thought I had.


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  1. Darin, I am so delighted that you have that external point of reference because I think that's really important with the evil scales. You were measuring too weren't you? What do those numbers say?
    You are saying all the right things but I know it's so hard to believe it. Awesome on the diabetes. Awesome on sustaining your good habits through you holiday (captive audience and loads of yummy food? You are a god to resist that!) and awesome getting back to the running so well. The Garmin is a great watch.
    Clearly you are progressing exactly as you need to be. Don't be surprised as you step up your training for the Brighton half marathon, if your weight actually increases a bit. Muscle weighs more remember. Keep that tape measure in your pocket and keep at it. You're doing amazingly well