Sunday, 4 December 2011

Week Forty One

Where to start this week? Only two days normal work this week due to the Strike over pensions. How bad can things turn in that short space of time. Well it screwed my weekend up and had me in the depths of depression, Saturday night was works Christmas dinner and booze up I have been looking forward to the night out for ages,after the football which Pompey won and the walk home I was unable or unwilling to go so switched my phone off and stayed in. I won't repeat it hear but check out my notes for Saturdays run, this will be posted later in the blog.

My training this week has gone well, I made a decision not to run on Monday but to rest instead I think this was the right thing to do so I have just done two runs this weekend the links are below.

Sunny until the sun hid behind a cloud not that cold ground wet. After a trying week at work that was only 2 day's long, Some of the team are turning into little children please sir he said this please sir he did that.Bloody grow up and act like adults the jobs hard enough without us not working as a team. Rant over. The reason for adding this was to explain how I managed to run another PB but also to have done it within myself Controlled aggressive running I shall call it. If ever I needed to run today was it, I feel so much better for having done so.

Cloudy,cool,very breezy. The run up was against the breeze the fact it was a cold breeze made it harder. I had a good run back I thought about doing eight miles but with time on my side for the Brighton Half Marathon I'm happy to increase distance by one and a half miles. While yesterday's run was channeled positively today my head was too screwed up really bad depression last night. This is my 1st half GSR distance since the 10th Sept and is a PB by 6 mins 20 seconds Just goes to show how much I have improved. And that the depression did not stop me running.

I have being trying very hard for the last two weeks on weight loss as the GSR is now over. Whilst I have a level of fitness and can now run the aim is to keep the running/training ticking over in between races so that I don't have to do the hard training again, the distance running will go up and down according to what distance race is my next there will always be another race. After three months of my weight fluctuating between 101kg and 104kg the milestone that is below 100kg has been frustrating and difficult at achieve. Today's weight loss is even more remarkable, it shows me that to lose weight I must eat less food than I have been, but the amount of food that I have been eating was enough to keep my weight balanced and steady so there is a great lesson learnt that I have control over my food to know not to overeat, never thought I would ever learn that lesson but now I have. So it is with great excitement that I give you this weeks weight 98.3kg a loss of 3.2kg or 7.1lbs making my weight a very happy 15st 6.7lbs I have been so fed up telling everyone that my weight is still 16 stone after 3 months this is just such a relief and a great kick start on my journey to my 13 stone target. I still hate the scales!!!


  1. Darin, you are amazing - that must feel fantastic to have reached that milestone. Well done!

  2. Omg what an amazing milestone to have reached. And you've smashed it too! I am very impressed with how your running is coming along too. You really are a proper runner now for sure

  3. your amazing! I have just started using slimpod so I hope I can have the same success as you :)

  4. That is SUPERB! Well done you - and Hi to Becca! You are right - there will always be another race - concentrate on running a bit faster, perhaps just a 2 mile run, flat out for 2 minutes, slow for 2 minutes. If you do this once a week ( and it is HORRIBLE!) Then you will find you can run longer and faster on your long runs. It may be a good idea to enter a !)K soon as training for that is different - faster and shorter - it will make you a better distance runner - you should aim for 66 minutes for a 10K or less.
    I havent run outside since GSR. I hate the cold and wet.
    Becca and darin - ask for a subscription to Runners world for christmas - you are both runners after all.

    All the very best to you both - and keep going!