Sunday, 18 December 2011

Week Forty Three

Not a great deal to write about this week so will be a short blog, Lets start off with another difficult situation and how I passed the test.We went out for a meal with some friends and we went to the Water Margin a Chinese buffet style all you can eat restaurant, There's a sentence to put the fear of god into me, this could end in tears the plus side was great company so I felt good about putting myself in harm's way. The good news is I went up twice for food I ate more than I should/needed but not by loads and I was comfortable that the people at the table were happy that I ate something without being silly or overeating, more importantly I felt comfortable about going up and getting the food this made the experience more pleasant instead of the fat man going up and down being conscious of my size, this was very liberating. The great thing was they had loads of fruit and jelly again I went up twice but fruit is good. All in all a great experience that I would be more relaxed to do again and know that in that environment I am now NORMAL.

On the running front this week I managed three runs which made up for the other week when I missed a couple of runs things have a way of balancing out, the runs have been good even in the cold weather I did have a problem with my calf, I was told about a local college who do sports massage done by students and at more than a reasonable rate, I did think my calf was better when I went, Boy was I wrong that was a session of pure pain, I think this shows the need to look after the body as well whilst training, in the new year I will be a regular at the college as I continue my training for the Brighton Half Marathon and then what ever run is next on my hit list. My run details are here 

My weight is a little disappointing but in the scheme of things alright A small gain of 0.2kg That's good a week before Christmas with a night out good food a few beers great company that's a good swap in my book.

I would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and thank you all for taking the time to read my ramblings of my journey that has turned my life around, If you use a slimpod keep using it over the holiday period enjoy your self and remember if you have a bad day and we all do have them I know my battle with bread is still not won yet, take the positives out of the bad day and the chances are you still eat way less than you would have done before the slimpod. I know I'm lucky to be 11 months in on my journey for some you have made the decision before the Christmas holidays, it may be hard but after you will feel so much better trust me. 


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