Sunday, 11 December 2011

Week Forty two

I would like to talk about my depression of the last two weeks, first of all it's all work related and the problems have now been sorted. I have not been on anti depressants for a good few months now (please seek medical advice before stopping any medication) my choice to stop, and the time seemed right for me so I did. I have no regrets about doing so nor have I had any problems with depression since or until two weeks ago.

I noticed I was depressed with the chain of events that happened and I also noticed how deeply depressed I got over something at work. Why I will never know because its only work, maybe it had to do with a social occasion (Christmas do) in the mix as well, no maybe involved to be honest. The reason for putting this in my blog is to show that I was aware of the whole series of events that led to the depression that I was shocked by the severity of the depression and that today I can admit that I am over the depression and able to move on with my life all in two weeks! REALLY? Yes really and all because of my slimpod and it gives you the tools to deal with not only food but also your whole well-being, the biggest thing I have learnt is that I have the answers to my problems I just needed the confidence to trust myself to give me the right answer's. This also give me the confidence to help others and offer advice knowing that I am giving good advice and pointing people in the right direction. This is truly powerful and I plan to use it help people help themselves.

During the week Thinking Slimmer released their Christmas edition news letter and I am very proud and honored to be the Male Winner of Thinking Slimmer's Slimpodder of the Year. We need more men to see this and to let them know it does work and its not just for women this product is unique and works for both sexes. May I add my Congratulations to Jo Hallam the female winner and the Three runners up Wendy, Becca, Karen. Becca I have already met through our runner to the others I look forward to meeting you in the New Year, You are all amazing people well done on your journeys.

Darin and Jo are our Slimpodders of the Year

By Sandra Roycroft-Davis, Founder of Thinking Slimmer

ALL of us at Thinking Slimmer feel very proud and very humble. The success stories you share with us are amazing and you can’t imagine how good it makes us feel to know that we’re able to help thousands to transform their lives.

The entries for the Thinking Slimmer Loving Life Awards 2011 were outstanding and the judges had a hard time deciding on the two winners and the runners-up. I’m delighted to announce that our winners are Jo Hallam and Darin McCloud, and our three runners-up are Wendy McDonald, Becca Jones and Karen Green.

 Darin and Jo will receive their awards in the New Year and their prizes of £250 are already on the way to them.

Jo's story

Jo Hallam’s life has changed so much since she started her Slimpod in the summer of 2010. In three months she lost 26lbs and has kept it off effortlessly ever since, but the most remarkable part of her story is the way she has overcome her problems with inverted knees that have plagued her since childhood. Jo now rides a bike for the first time in years and she’s the first one on the dance floor on Saturday nights and the last one to leave! She was addicted to fattening Coca Cola, drinking up to five cans a day, but since day two of her Slimpod almost 18 months ago she hasn’t touched a drop. Her new-found confidence and love of life are an inspiration to all.

Darin's story

Twelve months ago, Darin McCloud weighed over 20 stone, was struggling with diabetes and having been refused gastric surgery because he wasn’t quite fat enough was stuffing his face with junk food so he could put on more weight. Today, thanks to his Slimpod, Darin has lost 61lbs in weight so far, his waist has dropped from 48 inches to 36 inches, his diabetes is in remission – and most amazingly of all, he’s become a long-distance runner. He was part of the Thinking Slimmer Great South Run and is now training for a half marathon in February. Darin, from Hampshire, is a brilliant example to everyone, he’s always cheerful and willing to help others and is an outstanding ambassador for the benefits of Thinking Slimmer.

Our three great runners-up

Wendy McDonald, from Shropshire, was a self-confessed chocoholic who weighed in at
16st 2lbs. With her Slimpod she has lost 40lbs in six months and looks so gorgeous she’s done a fashion shoot for The Sun and a major feature in a national health and beauty magazine. She’s a dazzling example to other women.

Becca Jones wanted to do something positive with her life, so with the help of a Fitpod and our Supreme Sports Performance download she took up running. Not just jogging round her
local park, though – she ran the Great South Run with Darin and she’s now won a place in next year’s London Marathon. Becca, who lives in London, is a leading light in the Thinking Slimmer running group, always willing to offer others support and advice.

Karen Green, from Devon, suffered anorexia
as a child and has been an obsessive eater and yo-yo dieter ever since. She was determined her two lovely daughters wouldn’t grow up seeing their mum dieting all the time and says her Slimpod has helped her to transform her life.
She’s losing weight, looking great, gaining confidence and says she couldn’t feel better about herself.

This week the weather has been a challenge I have only had one run this week, this I can cope with and I am happy with were I am at, I made a brave decision to vary my run route this for me is very scary and takes me out of my comfort zone. This is the link

My weight for the week increased by 0.3kg  to 98.7kg again after a great weight loss last week this is a good week and only having the one run run made a difference. Only positives all the way this week.

Talking of positives I'm getting a few great messages from people that I know or people that I'm about to know, thank you and keep messaging or asking questions I will answer you. Remember it took us years to put the the weight on it will take a while to lose it safely and keep it off. There is no miracle quick fix weight loss program,it takes a little time.   


  1. I love the "seek medical advice.." line! It is definitely getting harder to run or, for me now, cycle. I think winter will defo require some coping strategies. I don't claim to understand depression but am impressed by how aware of yourself and your triggers you seem to be. I imagine it must give you a real boost being able to help so many people too. Helping others can often be a great way of helping ourselves!

  2. Congratulations again. Such a worthy winner and such a brilliant role model for people who are in the same position as you were. It must feel great to be able to help other people out. Looking forward to running with you again in February.