Sunday, 25 December 2011

Week Forty Four Xmas Day Blog.

Merry Christmas to one and all and thank you for follow my blog.

Twas the week before Christmas, this has turned out to be quite a good week, lets start with the fact I've had a week off work to unwind from the stresses of work and work did get very stressful for a while so its good to unwind and relax. Another good  thing this week is that I had my grandson Oakley stay over, it so happened that I picked him up after a run so I was in my running gear as I got out of the car he said "Granddad your legs are slim now" he also run indoors and told his mum bless don't think she wanted to look at my legs. That's a big boost to me as kids can be truthful at times.

I have done three runs this week increasing the runs as they went starting with a four miler then a five and half miler and lastly a ten point seven eight mile run the amazing thing about this last run is the ten mile split 1:57:41 which means that in less than two months I have run 11:29 quicker than the great south run. Here are the links to my runs  and I prefer the Garmin site for information but keep Run keeper as it has all my runs recorded on there but the information is different no idea why all gets downloaded at the same time from the same watch.

Every Christmas Eve we go to my mum's for dinner last year was a fat overweight sweaty horrible Darin that turned up this year a slimmer prouder Darin turned up in a nice black top I brought myself recently because I liked IT and not because they did it in XXXXXL as you may be aware from a previous post I brought two pairs of jeans size 36 that I have wearing for a while as they were in a sale and nice and cheap I also brought two pairs of size 34 jeans (guess what I going to say now) I tried on the size 34 jeans and they fitted, size 34 waist cannot remember ever being that size really. It was great to wear them and for mum to see me in them. In less than one calendar year I have gone from a 48 waist to a 34 waist. take a bow again I am still amazed how well the slimpod's and me still work this far down the line.

My weight today is 98.9kg a little disappointing to be honest but with the long run yesterday (my legs feel like tree trunks this morning) and a three coarse meal last night that was excellent I will take that. See above why scales are rubbish.

For anyone that may be interested my Christmas gift this year is my life back and control over food. THANK YOU to all the special people in my life who made this happen without each and everyone of you it would have been so much harder I love you all, you know who you all are. xxx


  1. Merry Christmas Darin. Like you I've very much enjoyed eating this year because my full point is so much earlier than it every used to be meaning I can very much enjoy the food without the guilt.
    Meanwhile, I am delighted to have 'met' you this year and looking forward to seeing you next year. Darin "running man" ;)

  2. I must have missed this on Christmas Day. Well done again on the running, it's just brilliant. What a great year it's been for you and what a different Darin it is at the end of 2011 from the beginning. You should be really proud of yourself. Looking forward to 'Team Thinking Slimmer' running again next year - Brighton and the GSR - bring it on!