Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Post Injury Run and New Running Shoes

Its been 30 days since my last run The British 10k in London it feels like a life time ago now, I have been good, I have not wanted to run because I want my hip sorted out. I want to run pain free I have trained very hard this past 15 months or so I have surprised myself by how many races and distances I have run, many if not all of them whilst my body was not 100% fit, to be fair who really thought my body could have coped with the weight issues and the running realistically. Not me if I'm honest, what I have found out is that never have I thought to myself stop running your body is hurting this is not for you, let me tell you running is for me I am so pleased to hopefully find answers and treatment that will help me reach my goals. I am not a quitter anymore I am a winner I will give myself every chance to reach my long term goals, one of which is to run the Great South Run every year for the rest of my life.

Some of you are aware of Barefoot running I won't bore you with details but you don't run barefoot there are a couple of stages one is sort of a interim stage and they are called minimalist shoes and the other ones are fingered shoes. I have gone with the minimalist shoe after a lot of thought and talking to people and taking into account my Diabetes. I have the Nike Free 4.0 as you can see above. I don't know if it shows but these shoes are soft,light,and flexible the other thing to note is that for me the soles of the shoe seem/are wider and my feet are not restricted inside them.

So my nice and gentle 1st run it started from Port Solent where I brought the shoes from the plan to jog walk home the 4 miles or so. I am really sorry guys but its weird as to why but I love the 4 mile run that is my comfort run distance so when I was told to take it easy and be careful it would be over the 4 mile mark. I promised myself that if anything went wrong I would stop and walk home my Garmin would have recorded that if it happened. I had no plan when I started my run. Why would I anything could have happened from injury to problems with the new shoes.

As I start running my feet feel so light my legs/muscle's are not sore I feel good my major worry is my cardio vascular I struggled in London and with 30 days with no training this was going to hurt wasn't it? It was tough but I was so surprised at how well I felt. I decided after about a 1/3rd of a mile that my plan would be to run 1 mile walk 2 minutes and repeat running whole miles each time I was always planning for the cardio to give up as well I am shocked that I ran 4 mile splits with breaks.  http://connect.garmin.com/activity/207783088
I promise you all I never overdid the running it was within myself my times show that each mile was slower just to prove that point.

The Nike Free wow what a difference I know it's only one run but I think I made the right decision getting them for my first run after injury, it requires running on the front of your feet and not heal to toe, I am convinced that with my dodgy uneven hip and the running shoes running heal to toe made this worse. So the same as accepting getting treatment and waiting 4 weeks before running I knew that I needed to run differently if I want to keep running. More updates to come on the barefoot running and the hip. It is just over 4 hours since I finished my run I have no aches or pains my muscles have not tightened up like before again I know its early but if I had done something wrong then there would be pain somewhere. I will take care over the next week or so with the new shoes and the injury and not get overexcited. I plan to run for many many years to come. What I do now decides if that is possible.    


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