Friday, 17 August 2012

The London Olympic Games 2012

The two most amazing thing's for me about the Olympic games in London 2012 is that they are held in this country during my life time and the fact that at 47 years of age I am an athlete of 18 months in that time I have run distance's of 10k, 10 mile's, half marathon and marathon (not in that order).  My Journey is covered in my previous blogs my struggles my injuries my high's and my low's. I never thought I would write a blog like this until I watched the women's marathon on Sunday 5th August 2012.

I know for sure that I am watching the Olympic's in a very different way than I have watched them before. In previous years I was not an athlete in fact I was a lazy overweight person with tons of emotional baggage with no answer's. Today I am still a little overweight but I am a marathon runner (no one can ever take that away from me) an athlete someone who has fallen in love with and enjoying running.

What am I seeing that is so different this time? 

Trevor Silvester the voice of the slimpods told me when I started running and I was struggling for inspiration "When you put your running shoes you become an athlete and you think like an athlete". From that one statement I became an athlete I hope to be an athlete till the day I die, because I love the fact that I am an athlete. So back to the games lets start with the guys and girls at the back of the field the ones some people laugh at (Why, they are better than the people laughing because they got out there and gave it there best) I mention this as someone who regularly finish's towards the back of the field. 

The British athletes who gave there all. The crowds who shouted and cheered loudly for them. Not one of you let yourself's down you certainly never ever let down this fine country of ours, the fact you showed humility at the end of your event's whether Gold Silver Bronze or any other position just proves what great role models you all are.

I have had my Olympic moment more than once but the most special moment has to be the first, The Great South Run 10 glorious miles around my home city Portsmouth. Not a little race to start with a big race big distance big pride, I had great support from Thinking Slimmer fellow slim podders my Diabetic Doctor and my family. I can still tell you every detail of this special day and that from a man who can forget what he did yesterday!  

I think this really does show that we all have it in us to be positive and make changes in our lives for the better. The feel good factor will last a while (hopefully a lot longer) its important that people get motivated to exercise that the whole country included the governments of the day make it easier cheaper and accessible for this to happen, I love inspiring others to change their lives and believe they can improve there lives the buzz is just amazing.  

Roll on the Para Olympics more get history and inspiring story's to come. Great Britain really is a great country and we have the chance to keep the pride we all have to make great improvements.

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