Sunday, 3 March 2013

Year 3 February

Very strange month for a couple of reason's, a great month for learning new things about myself and others and the realization that I have gone as far as I can with training someone that has now outgrown me.

Brighton Half Marathon. If I thought I could have got away with just walking this I would have done it, even in the build up to the race this thought was going through my head give the camera and coat to Hazel pin my number on and go, luckily the bigger picture got in the way and common sense just about prevailed even walking would turn into a jog and a jog into a walk and then injure my calf again when it had still not healed properly. So race day injured, that was tough being there for the build up knowing your entered but not running but supporting 2 friends who are running made it all worthwhile.

The race started and off the runners went it really is amazing watching from the sidelines as 10,000 runners go off on an amazing adventure. After the main runners the kids then left for there 1 mile run what was stark was how many late runners were mixed in with the kids (really you cannot get to a race on time) some runners left 20 minutes after the official start. The great thing about being a spectator is Hazel knows the ropes this is her domain with her knowledge and mine of the pace of the girls we were in the right places at the right time to take photos and cheer them on. The other amazing sight is seeing the elite athletes coming down the road so fast its scary and impressive and gave me another insight into a race I don't normally get to see.

Training with Debbie Cox has been an amazing experience I am not trained to be a trainer it was just my experiences that I passed on of my Slimpod journey and my running journey. Its not for me to big myself up because all I did was give Debbie  the information and Debbie pretty much took it all on and used it to push herself. I loved having someone to run with as we had shared goals sadly my injuries got in my way. I hope I have left Debbie a better runner than when we started. We now go in different directions Debbie has entered the Bournemouth Marathon in October and I am running no more than 10k races apart form the GSR 10 miles. I wish Debbie well with her training and I hope to run some 4 or 6 miles as time permits for us both in the future.

That means I have to train for my new running/cycling/duathlon goals to get myself fit and injury free, I have been back to the Podiatrist I have new orthotics that I am wearing in slowly this week, I should know in 3 months whether I will need an operation on my soleus muscle or not, I hope I'm wrong but I reckon the operation will happen, as long as it helps me to run injury free in the future then so be it.

I have trained for the Duathlon after my latest injury with only 4 weeks until race day. I was very worried my first run was on the 16th February and I broke my bike as well, minor problem not the end of the world, My training has gone really well I have had no calf problems at all, I actually feel a level of fitness I have not felt since London Marathon Training last year, don't get me wrong I'm not fully fit just yet but enough to know I will do myself justice on the 10th March 2013. Duathlon Training Runs these are logged as 3 separate entry's which is a pain.  

I hope to take part in a 26 mile cycle race in the near future whilst (Dr) Lorraine Albon runs an ultra marathon I have the easiest bit of this deal that's for sure, Its not signed off yet but if it happens I am very excited out it.

Weight loss for February went good I had 2 bad days this month which considering what I am doing I can live with and I am still in control. My weight on the 28th February was 99.9kg  or 15st 10.2lb last month was 101.5kg or 15st 13.7lb

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