Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cool Runnings

After a few more weeks injured with my calf today was the day to start training again, now history says I seem to push myself to far most of the time so I need to think about what my goals are, what I need from training, and what my body can cope with. So here is my plan and no brownie points for anyone rolling there eyes after reading this bit, I am making an effort and thinking about what I am doing not just going out and running.

On the 10th March 2013 I have the first of three Duathlon's so that is my primary goal and something I have to work towards just so you all know this is a 3 mile run a 9 mile cycle and a 3 mile run. I have given some serious thought to want I want to do today without going overboard and on the flip side not doing enough. My plan is to run approx 1.5 miles cycle approx 4.5 miles and jog/walk approx 1.5 miles nothing to hard the cycling is the easy part but I have to be aware of the jog/walk afterwards.

The first think is the weather it has changed for the better so that's a great bonus to get out, I get my bike out ready for the cycle bit set my Garmin up for the multi-sport setting which is not good when downloaded as it takes three separate downloads to record the information and not as one race (minor irritation only) also the settings on the watch are different for this and I don't have any splits information only working out in head at miles markers again not a great problem as running distance is not to long.

Off I go trying to pace the first mile not wanting to run to fast I feel comfortable get to the Mountbatten centre and then turn round for home, I manage to run the whole distance which after a lay off is good going, If this bit makes sense all the better my calf feels good but I am aware I can feel the whole muscle group in my lower left leg as opposed to feeling nothing in my right leg.

I go in doors for transition 1 and get ready for the bike section, again off I go feeling really good the first mile is around cycle paths and narrow streets so is a nice steady start to any bike ride I just get onto the main road for the first time and start to wind up the legs I think I go down the gears instead of up the gears and I brake the bike the back wheel seize's up solid, I am lucky not to fall off the bike, I think the chain has just fallen off and got caught sadly that's not the case and my training is done for the day.

I keep the watch going in transition mode, surprisingly considering I have broken my bike and it will no doubt cost a few pounds to get fixed I am feel very pragmatic about the situation and work out I have to get home with the bike, boy am I glad I paid that little extra and had a light-weight bike as I am half a mile from home. This is were my pride in handling a tough situation in a great manner without feeling sorry for myself and throwing my toys out of the pram nor seeing any embarrassment in walking home with the bike on my shoulders. So below is my very own Cool Running's moment of carrying my bike back home. I love reggae music so I feel part Jamaican even more today.

I have a spare bike so I will out again on Monday morning to do this training session again slightly happier that my calf feel's good as tomorrow I will be in Brighton cheering on Becca Jones and Debbie Cox as the complete the half marathon.

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