Friday, 1 February 2013

Year 3 January

I was not planning on writing a monthly blog but it seems you are all lucky and I'm going to!!! I have been thinking about what to right in this blog with it being the first update and thankfully the last couple of days have given me the material to right about, the slimpod works in many ways and I can see now how it has worked, making me think about the month when I was not even planning on writing a blog.

The first and most important decision I made at the start of the month was not my goals or resetting my goals but the one where I promised to listen to my pods for a minimum of 21 days just like someone new on a slimpod has to commit to. The difference for me is I know what the slimpods have done for me in the past I know what they can do for me in the future and I know nothing will happen in the first couple of weeks.

So I plug in and listen to Trevor (I too take him to bed with me sorry ladies) the bonus is I have complete trust in the pods so I do not panic when I still carry on eating as normal, this is very weird knowing its ago and that later in my journey this will settle down and I will start making subtle changes to my eating habits without realizing.

We come towards the end of the month I have done my 21 days I had a quick chat with Sandra Roycroft-Davis and we agree that I only need to listen 2 or 3 times a week now which makes sense as I am now starting year 3 of slimpod journey I am very comfortable knowing this makes sense and will still work.

I have a little confession to make now, I have been scale hopping not every day but normally once or twice a week still too much, I think it shows how important my weight loss goal is to me rather than the exercise training goals, its something to work on, its not a major problem just yet. It was great to remember how my first month on the slimpods went and how this month has gone.

My weight was 104.5kg or 16st 6lb at the start of the month My weight this morning is 101.5kg or 15st 13.7lb That is way better than I ever expected my weight to be. I would have been happy with any weight loss this month knowing that I have till October to reach my targets. I have not done a great deal of training this month due to my calf and I have my first Duathlon in March so hopefully my training will gear up slowly in February to get me fit and ready to complete injury free.

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