Friday, 12 April 2013

Injured and Frustrated

As you know I have been training hard towards race two of my Duathlon series. My last training session was last week with the incident with that blasted dog! Last Session I have been unable to train since then I am even more annoyed and frustrated with that dog and its owner, I have not coped well and eaten house and home this week so I am also disappointed with myself.

I was so close to having a perfect month training injury free and in the best shape for what will be the toughest Duathlon of the three. I made an appointment to see the podiatrist mine was on leave that week so I saw one of the others he prodded and pushed and found the spot where the pain was he made an adjustment to my orthotics which helped at first but after a half day at work I was back to hobbling again (Not good at all) I need to rest my foot so make the decision to call in sick at work and make another appointment with the podiatrist.

They are fully booked but get me in with my podiatrist during his lunch break again he prods and push's and finds the painful bit and then tells me about what is wrong he then leaves the room to get a second opinion from the other podiatrist so now I have two podiatrist's (I am worried now) deciding on the prognosis and the course of action. It is something to do with my Peroneal I did ask my podiatrist to write down what was wrong, his writing is terrible and I can only make out that word and also he said something to do with CCJ as well? Peroneal-Tendonitis I found this on-line and is as close as I can get.

They agreed to adjust my orthotics again but not to add whatever it was they discussed, I was also told to buy an ankle support to wear during waking hours to help out a little, I needed to wear the orthotics for a few hours so my feet could get used to the adjustments made and then rest my foot again.

My next Duathlon is this Sunday and I will start the race I could not forgive myself for just giving up and not trying, is this stupid? maybe but you have to understand that for 45 years I always took the easy option and just gave up did not bother could not be arsed. That was me and never again will I be like that, my podiatrist did not tell me not to take part but we agreed that I will take care I will not push myself to the point of break down I will COMPROMISE.

I will take walking breaks I will protect my foot I finished 85th out of 90 in the first race if it means I finish last then so be it, taking part is so important to me and if the race director allows me to finish (Time can be a problem) then I will finish with a medal if not I will complete the course safe in the knowledge I did my best. By the way if the worse happened I would pull out of the race but I don't think that will happen.

What I will also do from next week having indulged myself this last 10 days of rest is cycle, I can still cycle as there is no impact on the foot. I hope that this problem will not be long term every time I feel I get close to being injury free something else pops up, what I am most proud of since I started my pods is that before it would be a case of I am not meant to run so I won't and go back to my old ways.

This week has been a blip on the eating front for sure but never do I think I will just give up I am meant to run I just have to change 45 years of abusing my body it won't happen overnight but when it happens watch me go!!!!

I have a saying I keep on my phone "DEAD LAST is greater than DID NOT FINISH which trumps DID NOT START" I will do the right thing if I have to.

And now for something completely different...... I am now a part owner of Portsmouth Football Club. We the fans have our club back.


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