Monday, 14 October 2013

Year 3 September

Again it has taken a little while to write this post, I find that waiting until I want to write makes it easier and less stressful. I have been thinking about what to write for this month too say nothing has happened would be untrue I just needed to think about what I have done and focus on the amazing things I have done this month. The focus is on the Great South Run and my three goals for the year so with less than one month to go I will update you on my progress.

Goal 1 To be injury Free. 

Mission accomplished I have wrote about this progress many times nothing else needs to be said I am still injury free and loving the new freedom it brings.

Goal 2 To be at my lowest weight for the Great South Run. 

Work in progress and to be honest the one goal I will fall short in (notice how I did not use the word failure) This is not new weight loss just the weight I had regained I was hovering around 102 kg to 104 kg as the norm at the start of the year I am now hovering around 97 kg to 99 kg My goal was to run the Great South Run at 96 kg or less. More on the importance of reaching this goal or not later in this blog.

Goal 3 To run the Great South Run in under 2:00:00.

This is the one goal I have no control over, the weather maybe bad and fast times are not possible, I may get injured on the run. What I can do is give myself the best opportunity to achieve that goal. Goal 1 has certainly made it possible. Goal 2 has also made it possible. The rest is down to me, too train smart to rest smarter to get my head in the right space that I don't have a meltdown with the pressure. 

My training this month has been amazing I have built up my stamina and being injury free means I can now feel fitter and healthier when I run I don't feel like a beginner being out of breath and struggling after a short distance I run with confidence with the knowledge I won't breakdown. I upped my distances to 6.7 miles for training but noticed at the 10k (6.2miles) mark. 

I was fast faster than I had been for 15 months I run my first run about 1 minute slower than my P/B that made me sit up and take notice my running had improved got better (never easier as there are always ways to improve) my next run I broke my P/B by a mind boggling amazing 29 seconds WOW!!! I felt so good it was unreal. Just checked notes I did not want to run that day. P/B 1

The following week I run again no expectations just the distance as I build up my training for the Great South Run. I run another 34 seconds quicker than last week in 7 days I have just chopped off 1 minute 3 seconds off my fastest time in a week. P/B 2 I have an 8 mile run in October I am so looking forward to this run pushing the boundaries and giving me the chance to be ready. Before I never looked forward to running 8 miles before the Great South Run this time I am. 

Back to the weight goal I have accepted that if my running has improved that much and my weight is lower than the start of the year if I am happy with my running my fitness then I am happy that I have lost some weight and kept it off. Am I disappointed I may fail short in one of my goals? No never we must adjust and adapt our goals as we need too. If I was running at the same pace as before then the weight loss would have more meaning. 

My Goals are still there all 3 goals have been successful (insert GSR time here lol) I will take where I am today over anything with less than a month to go its all systems go. I will be at the start line and this year I will control my race how fast or slow I run, when I take a walking break not when I need one or if I need one. 

Great South Run I am ready for you at the 3rd attempt you are mine for the taking I am running a race for the first time ever with a time in mind I will not fail, I have trained, rested, improved and learnt so much about my running this year. Here's to the perfect race. (weather permitting.) 

Does this last statement scare the hell out of me? yes it does as I don't react that well to pressure but I aim to channel this fear in a positive way as this race really is the be all and end all for me, If there was only ever one race, then its the Great South Run 10 miles of local bliss and a head and heart full of memories of previous years. I hope to cry again this year because it means so much to me to get to where I am today. Crying at 1st GSR   




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