Sunday, 10 July 2011

Week Twenty

This week's blog is mostly about frustration or more importantly non fault frustration because sometimes things just happen and you have to accept that it has happened and move on. That is what I have done this week and boy do I feel better for thinking this way. This is the bonus side of the slimpods in that it is not just about the weight loss but the decisions you make in your journey and the fact you learn that different things happen along the journey and to just accept that what you are doing is right while the body adjust's to its new life. Its taken a while for me to grasp this but I now have,and its great not to beat myself up this week.

Last Saturday on my last 5 mile run towards the end I got a sharp pain in my right hip I still managed to complete  in a personal best time,I was in pain the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday on Monday the pain had gone and I did a 2 hour set on the X-Box fitness with no problems at all. Due to bad weather I waited until Thursday to run again giving the hip a few extra days to recover. I started running and straight away the same pain came back again I kept going for 10 minutes to see if I could run it off but to no avail. I made the decision for the first time since I started training to stop, deep down it was the right thing to do I would surely only make it worse in the long run. That's were the frustration comes in the mind is so up for this the body may take a bit longer after years of abuse so something going wrong was on the cards really.

I have an appointment to see my doctor on Monday morning I will see what he has to say and I have no pre conceived ideas on what is wrong or how bad it may or may not be. On the plus side I have still been able to do my X-Box fitness over this weekend with no problems with my hip so at least I have got some training in before I see the doctor.

This has been a good week for eating I have had vegetables every day and salad for lunch at work I have eaten more food this week, so have picked a little less I know I can do better on that front so work in progress on that front still. I do feel better for having control over what I eat, this is the right decision and I am glad that I made it.

I have made a video of me doing my X-Box fitness you will be glad to know it is not the whole 2 hours. You can find it on my just giving page not being very technical I'm sure I am  loading it up the slow way so at the moment I have 2 parts of 4 on the page so far. I thought it would be good  for you to see me doing some training (its not pretty trust me) but if you are impressed or have a good laugh then please donate lots of money for Diabetes UK. I will post a video of me jogging along the seafront next time I am out with Hazel (camera women of the year).

On the weight for this week a small gain last week was 105.5kg this week 106.1kg 16st 10lb a gain of 0.6kg or 1.3lb I will take that after this week. Again a little frustration as my weight has stayed about this level for the last three to four weeks, but I am happy with where I am at the moment the weight is not the only gauge of my journey and the bonus is that I don't feel fat so there is a victory for me right there I feel slimmer and fitter.


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  1. Good luck with getting the hip checked out. It's annoying when injury gets in the way. I've reached a bit of a plateau myself at the moment but it's because we're both exercising. I bet you're still losing inches! did you buy that tape measure?