Sunday, 24 July 2011

Week Twenty One/Two

Apologies for not blogging last week spent two days thinking should I blog or not, had plenty to say but most of it negative so decided that I would give it a miss, I will combine these two weeks without hopefully the negatively.

I have felt frustrated because of my hip injury and not being able to exercise for the best part of these two weeks, I had an ache in my hip so decided rightly to stop exercise to give it the best chance to heal. I have been climbing up the wall without going out for a run or the X-box fitness. I am worried about starting again on Monday in case the hip has not healed yet. I have spent 40 odd years abusing my body and only 6 months putting it right there are clearly going to be times that the body will break down, I understand that but it's still hard sitting around not doing any exercise. There's still 3 months until the Great South Run so I have the time to restart the training and be good to go for the race.

Diabetes Ground Breaking News.

This is the most important news ever, just a background reminder when I first spoke to Sandra I said to her that the reason that I made contact with her was the fact that on the  they have Diabetes UK as one of there charities and the first thing I asked Sandra was would it help my Diabetes no mention of weight loss or anything else. My insulin is down to 15 units before food and I have to check my levels 2 hours after eating to make sure i'm not having hypo's and to reduce my insulin more if that's the case.

So after 15 years of diabetes I have finally reach utopia my HBA1C is 5.6 which is the same as a normal person (this is also the first time someone has said that I am normal) Now this is just the start I am still diabetic  I still have to carry on doing what I am doing and checking and adjusting, but now after this week I feel so much better about the last 2 weeks and about my weight loss in general and reminds me that the Diabetes was why I needed help in the first place the weight and exercise is a wonderful by product that has naturally improved along the way, I have clearly forgotten about why I needed help and been fixated with the weight lose, I am thinking of just putting the weight at the end of the blog with no comment to show that I can put my trust in the slimpod and more importantly in me to do the things that I am doing which in the overall picture is the right things.

I have lost 4 1/2 stone my trouser size is down from 48 to a 36 my Diabetes is under the best control ever I exercise regularly and I have entered the Great South Run in October. Each one on its own is a great achievement added together it makes an outstanding achievement that I am rightly proud of, But the head plays nasty games with me trying to get me to fail or tricking me into thinking that I am failing. I know other friends on their journeys are having the same problems as well so I am in good company, and its not just me.

As I have mentioned the Great South Run it would be remiss of me not to mention my just giving page  I have added a video of me training which is for entertainment as its not a pretty site. Please sponsor if you can it's for a great cause.

My weight three weeks ago was 106.1kg last week 107.7kg this week 105.6kg so I am still in a narrow window which I am now happy with and look forward to the weight dropping off again when my body is ready to so.


  1. Great news on the diabetes. My hubby is diabetic so I understand what a huge achievement it is to be in control like that. Apart from anything else, the long term effects of being out of control are so significant that for just sorting that out you have lengthened your life span and increased your quality of life for that time.
    If you had achieved nothing else that is enough.
    And on top of that you have that massive difference in clothes size that will not be affected in any way shape or form by minor weight fluctuations so you can ignore them totally.
    And then, to top it all off you'll have that amazing achievement of the great south run under your ever shrinking belt by the end of they year.
    I reckon that is a pretty cool wave that you can surf on for a long time.
    Well done you

  2. Glad to see your making such progress. I am struggling again. I've done 21 days but then lost it for 2 days. I had only lost 3lbs and feel a bit disappointed but your story gives me hope, Lynda x