Sunday, 3 July 2011

Week Nineteen

Had a great week and hopeful that I can now come to terms with the ups and downs of my journey although I will still blog my worries and thoughts. The lessons learnt this week are not to focus so much on the weight loss as important as it is to reach my target weight of 13 stone it will happen but with ups and downs as my body changes and adjust's to my new lifestyle and exercise training for the Great South Run. I would like to thank everyone for there message's of support to my blog last week the support is amazing.

Met up with Trevor on Monday had a great session always amazes me where he takes me on my timeline and what problems we find and pull out from so far back in my childhood. Have my new slimpod and looking forward to the next part of my journey. Trevor in the Park sounds like a great idea and with the great weather on  Monday it was brilliant.

I have had a few people question my journey and talk about crash and burn and waiting for me to fail as they think I cannot keep up what I am doing. Without being rude to these people I will ignore what you have to say as its not constructive therefore not helpful to me or my journey, What I am doing is clearly working and will continue to work, it is a new lifestyle that I am so pleased with that I will never go back to my old ways of the last 45 years. So please don't be offended or upset I will not crash and burn.

I have also made another major decision at home that needed to be made and having spoke to my other half her first reaction was not good although understandable but having spoke at length about it we are now both comfortable and happy with the why. That decision is that I will cook my own meals so that I have total control of my food intake and I can eat the foods that I need to eat to fuel my body for the journey ahead.

I am from this week going to take body measurements. I do wish that I had done this from the start of my journey I'm sure that would have helped me with the weight gain weeks and stop me from being disappointed when it has happened. On that note last night I went to my mum's 65th birthday party (Happy Birthday Mum) and for the fear of sounding like a woman (joking) I needed a new pair of trouser's to wear for the evening that fitted so I went off out and found a nice pair of jeans and the good news is they were a size 36. I was shocked as I have only just got down to a size 38 in the past 3 weeks.

Talking of the party I would like to take this opportunity to thank family and friends and members of Bedhampton Bowling Club for their kind generosity in sponsoring me for the Great South Run.  if you would also like to sponsor me for Diabetes UK.

My weight. Last week 107.7kg this week 105.5kg a loss of 2.2kg or 4.9lb which is the same as the weight gain for last week so the last two weeks is a level weight, I so wish I had not panicked so much last week but its part of who I am and I'm sure I will get better now.

My measurements are Chest 45 inches Waist 43 1/2 inches Stomach 44 1/2 inches Butt 43 inches Left Thigh 23 1/2 inches Right Thigh 24 inches Right Thigh 24 inches Right Calf 18 inches I will update this once a month to see how the body is losing size.

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  1. Hi Darin - it's Becca here (jbeccx). Great post and good to hear that you're back on track. I think it's a great idea to measure inches as well as weightloss - I'm going to start doing that myself as well. I am convinced that the scales alone don't tell the true story so adding in measurements is a great thing to do.

    As for those people who think you can't keep this up -you are so right to ignore them! You'll probably find that they're actually secretly envious of your new mindset, energy and committment to change. It's so much easier to criticise someone else than it is to get up off your sofa and do something good for yourself. I'm sure you will prove them wrong.

    Looking forward to meeting you at the GSR. Happy training!