Monday, 1 August 2011

Week Twenty Three

For the first time since I started my journey I can honestly say that this was my first week guilt free, I think I have found an inner peace having digested last weeks news about my Diabetes. I just wish that whatever I have found this week I could bottle up and pass on to my many new friends to aid them in their journeys and that I can keep  this guilt free feeling forever. (Will have to work on this one) 

Went out running for first time since my hip went, tablets and rest worked well, it still is hard not to exercise when you need rest, but necessary for the long term goal which is the Great South Run. I managed 42 minutes before my calf gave out again, very frustrating but I know how to deal with it now so I don't lose any training over it.The one thing I hate more than anything about resting is that is it always twice as hard starting training again but at least after a couple of days exercise it's OK again. I would prefer not to have injuries but as the famous cognitive hypnotherapist Trevor Silvester once said to me "when you put on your running shoes you become an athlete" so set backs and injuries are all part of the process of getting your body in a condition for a race after years of abuse and neglect.

My weight last week was 105.6kg this week 102.9kg a loss of 2.7kg or 6lb. I have measured my body for this month Chest the same, Waist -1 1/2in, Stomach -1in, Butt -1in, Left thigh -1 1/2in, Left Calf -1/2in, Right Thigh -1 1/2in, Right Calf -1/2in. I have no idea what this means yet in how to make the most of this information or how good this is in terms of one month, just highlights how I wished I had used a tape measure at the start.

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