Sunday, 7 August 2011

Week Twenty Four

I have had a very different kind of week, for the first time ever I have put myself first and made decisions that were purely about what I wanted to do, and not worry about what people may or may not expect me to do or more importantly what I think other people may think I should be doing.(I hope that makes sense) I did some training at the beginning of the week because I was having Bailey(18 months old) my youngest grandson staying over or the first time on my rest days, so I knew that a normal training week was not going to happen. Bailey stayed two nights and two days and was an absolute dream to look after but hard work chasing around the house and giving him cuddles when he bangs his head on something, like his granddad not a quick learner. I have to admit that I have forgotten how tiring kids can be and had two early nights with the likelihood of a third tonight.

That means the run I was planning on doing after work on the last three days I have not done. Do I feel guilty for A, having Bailey and B, not doing a run, the answer to both is NO I do not and following on from last week I am at one with myself because I now know that I have the tools to deal with the decisions that I now make and the the quality time with Bailey far outweighs the need to do a run. Both Hazel and myself both work full-time and we never have enough time to have the boys stay over, there are Five in total and rule number one is never ever have more than one at a time. love em to death but not all together spells trouble trust me, How my daughter Ali copes with them all is beyond me, I am so very proud of her, she did not learn parenting skills from me that's for sure.  

Having had this week for me time I will be back on track with training from Tuesday as normal and looking forward to putting in the hard work needed to play catch up and to get ready for the Great South Run which is now three months away, I feel excited now that the race is getting closer and the improvement I have made since I first entered the race three months ago.

My weight is 103.1kg which is a tiny gain of 0.3kg or 0.7lb which is great news taking in to account my decisions this week. A few weeks ago I said that I love being in CONTROL now add to this not feeling GUILTY about doing what is right for me then getting on with training afterwards. A big thank you to Trevor Silvester and Sandra Roycroft-Davis for being my hero's and supporting me on my journey which has taken many twist's and turns, and I having been close to banging on the door of giving up a few times, more a default action I think, but always I've turned around an seen the bigger picture and got back on track.

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  1. Sounds loke you're in a great place Darin. Good for you