Sunday, 23 October 2011

Week Thirty Five

One week to go and I feel so great about the last week and even better about the week ahead. Here's something I really did not expect to say, so I will say it loudly "I AM READY" just a couple more training runs,last one on Thursday morning than a nice massage as a reward for my body and more so my legs, my legs and I have not always been on the the same page but we have got through this together.

I have done five runs this week and these are the blogs for each one.

Monday 17th Cloudy cool, I will call this the 1st of my training runs in the run down to run day,these runs are solely to keep me ticking over until run day. Legs felt heavy the plan is these runs will help my legs by running shorter runs more often. Today Steve Harris from BBC Radio Solent came out for a run we did an interview on the way round as well. I was the one panting after Steve asked a question. It was good to meet him at last and Thank You for running me.

Wednesday 19th Cold clear sky dark, Had a run with Caroline And Vic it is amazing how well they have both come on,it was great to run with them its a shame its the last one before the race. Till race day go Team thinking Slimmer.

Friday 21st Cloudy cool This run was not good maybe reading the Great South Book that arrived and talking of tapered runs messed my head up a little I'm not sure, the run time was tapered as you can see although that was not the plan when I started the run.

Saturday 22nd Light cloud Blue sky cold not bitter.Got up this morning and decided on a run just because yesterdays was disappointing so glad I did What a difference 12 hours make Run the whole distance at a steady pace,I have my mojo back feel so much better than last night about the Great South Run. Its just so frustrating being up and down but its the way it seems.

Sunday 23rd Cool dry sunny,Last Powerade Run also 3rd run in 3 days well please with run and time. Thanks to Georgina and all at Runnersneed for your support its been awesome.

I think most people will always say they wish they could have trained more, and for a while I thought I was behind on my training the reason for this was for injuries and not because I could not be bothered to go out for a run, this was an excellent learning experience and taught me the value of quality rest as part of the training process.

I set out at the start to complete the Great South Run and as the run draws nearer this is still my mission to complete this course, I will not put a time on this because this is not about the time in any way shape or form, what I will tell you after the race is how well I did in completing the run and did the training work, as always I will be honest with myself when I tell you how it went as the only person I would be lying to is myself and that's not what I am about.

With only one week to go its time to ask for people to sponsor me again I am running for Diabetes UK  Just Giving webpage: Just Giving text: Text SLIM65 £5 to 70070   (any amount where £5 goes)  Please give any amount no matter how small it will make a difference Thnk you.

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  1. Getting so excited about next Sunday. We are definitely ready. Bring it on!!