Monday, 17 October 2011

Week Thirty Four

Two weeks until the big day. Mixed week for training from a massive high to a so so end of week,sorry for sounding a little down but this weekend has left me a little drained to be honest this is not just down to running, I am aware of the issue's so that's the positive to take out of it, now to find the best way to deal with with it get it out of my head and move on, I'm glad in a way this is happening now and not in two weeks times that would be a killer to go through all this hard work and turn up on race day feeling low.

Lets go back to the start of the week, originally I had planned to do race distance next week due to working that would have been difficult but not impossible, I started off my run on Monday with no one knowing what I had planned, its weird if I had told you I was doing it and then I failed I would have let myself down in public but I would have the chance to do it again. Because my run is along the seafront I ran end to end twice this came in at just over 11 miles. This is my blog of that run.

Cloudy and windy on the way to Clarence Pier both times normal on the way back both times. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you not only 10 miles but 11.21miles and I feel like I could have done more, the one thing that is holding me back is my legs not my stamina or being out of breath. I decided that today was the day because I really wanted this distance in my legs and was worried if I left it longer with my work rota I may not have the time to run it. This is my gift to Dr Lorraine Albon for encouraging me to enter the Great South Run to Trevor and Sandra at Thinking Slimmer for having faith in me not letting them down when I thought I would,and to every one who has been inspired by my journey and offered me encouragement and support without all of you I could not have achieved what I have just done tonight. This is for you be very proud of your part in my journey because I am so proud and humbled by each and every one of you. Bless you all.

Unbelievably I have managed since May when I started off just power walking, till now just over 5 months later running race distance and a little more on top, I have never achieved anything like this in my life before and I never thought I would achieve it now to be honest I expected to walk most of the run when I started out, now I am a athlete a slow one but a athlete none the less.

My second run of this week whilst shorter was just as remarkable. This is the blog for this run.

Sunny cool (ish) no wind. Where do I start another First in the ongoing training for the Great South Run. This may be my smallest distance training run but it is the most convenient one as I have work this afternoon. I have just run the whole distance without stopping. Where has this come from I only had to run for one minute walk for one minute There was a time at the start when I thought I could not do that even,silly me.

So I have gone from having my head stuck in the clouds to being low this weekend How or why did this happen ? I have mention earlier in this post why, I know I have the tools to see what has gone wrong, am I expecting to much to want to be able to see these problems before they arise? Yes Reailty check required here I know but its how I feel at the moment. I do not like myself when I am like this and to the people who have bore the brunt of this I am so sorry, my aim in my lifestyle change is to be a completley different person inside and outside and at times I fall short of those aims and when I do I hate myself for it.

My run on Sunday was slow my head was not in the right place it was a new run which does make a differance on the plus side I ran with great people who are also running the Great South Run and have helped me with encoragement and advice these past 7 weeks or so.

Sunny blue sky very cold at start then warmed up nicely. Slow run again new route to Portchester Castle a little disappointed to be honest. Can not put my finger on it but there are a couple of variables that have made a difference for today's run.

That was my week of contrast's I will now be looking at going out for a run as often as I can I will stop running the Thursday before race day the rest until the run, I will sort my head out and will be ready for the big day.

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  1. Do you know what I love about this post (apart from all the great runs!) - I love the language in it that is so positive around how you will keep going. It's all about when and not about if. You could so easily have lost the faith, and got stuck on those things that did not go as you planned (which I suspect the old Darin would have done) but you have your head up and your eyes forward looking at your goal.

    I think that is the most amazing sign of how far you have come on your journey.