Sunday, 2 October 2011

Week Thirty Two

Well only four weeks to the big day,The Great South Run (begging details for sponsor's will follow at the end) that means three weeks of full training and the last week I will be taking expert advice on what to do when to do it what to eat etc so that come race day I have given myself and my body the best possible chance to enjoy and complete the race.

On a follow up on last weeks blog it has taken me the best part of a week to recover from the overtime that I did,this is clearly bad for my new lifestyle and I will try and make sure I never do that much again, At least it shows that I made the right decision at the start of my journey and highlights that the whole process is a package where change needs to be made no matter how big or small it is.

As I have mentioned before I have had a couple of injuries which have put me behind where I wanted to be training wise, my training distance was 5 miles which was good in its self. On Monday thanks to my slimpod it was the right time to increase the distance, I managed to do 8 miles and the biggest thing I noticed was how all my previous training payed off because the extra 3 miles was easier than I thought it would be. On Friday I did another live radio interview on Radio Solent Drives Life's with Steve Harris, that went really well and my plan was always to go out for a run after.

I went out absolutely buzzing on a natural high (I get loads of this now) and again did 8 miles six and a half minutes quicker than Monday's time and again the distance was not a problem, having broken that monkey off my back I now feel back on track and the week before the race I will do one ten mile round so my legs have the distance the time for this will not matter its about the distance.

This is the link to my training record I hope that it works ok and you can access what training I have done. I am so pleased with how well I have done overall and have no regrets about it, I'm sure that I could have done things better but the main point is that with the aid of Thinking Slimmer and the slimpod it's what I can achieve and how to inspire others to make changes to improve their lives.

Please consider sponsoring me I am running for Diabetes UK and any amount would make a difference Just Giving webpage: Just Giving text: Text SLIM65 £5 to 70070   (any amount where £5 goes) 


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  1. You are indeed inspiring Darin. I am so impressed with your running and how you pulled yourself through a time that I'm sure would have derailed you in the past. You clearly have a growing strength not just in body but in mind again