Sunday, 19 June 2011

Week Seventeen

This week is about exercise and how I have improved since I started on the 5th April 2011 Week Six on my journey.We are only talking just about two and a half months the improvement is truly amazing, and this is helped by my weight loss during this period as well. My weight in week six was 118.8kg my weight this week is 105.5kg which is a weight loss of 13.3kg or 2st 1.3lb or 29.3lb. 

The calories I have used since I started are April 6,811 calories May 11,082 calories June 5,311 calories which is a total of 23,204 calories. I have also spent nearly 54 hours exercising during that time and to be honest 95% of that as been done willingly. I am convinced that my weight loss during this period would not be as great without the exercise and training for the Great South Run.

I mentioned last week a book called The 4 Hour body by Timothy Ferriss, one part of the book says that taking and keeping records so you can chart you progress and see what works is so true, there are many times when you question what am I doing right or wrong and by keeping records you can see if there is a pattern good or bad and then improve from there. For anyone starting out or already started keeping records is a great way to keep track and learn what they mean to you.

On my x-box fitness training on a 2 hour set I have already improved my calorie output by 100% which if I had not kept records I would never have realized that and when I have a good or bad session I am aware of what is happening and be able to work out why it was good or bad, and to see just how far I have come and how much work I have put in.

On Thursday I went out for a training run doing the 5 mile stretch along the seafront and for the first time since I started training for the Great South Run which was on the 14th May 2011 and I have done 7 full runs since then, I really felt that I could run and was able to push myself a little bit more than previously, I really do now feel like an athlete and I now fully realize that my combination of weight loss and training between now and the race will make the race so much easier than I first thought after my first training walk.(don't be fooled for run I really mean power walk and learning to jog) My time was 4 minutes 19 seconds faster than my best time so far, I am so amazed by such a large chunk of time off in one go.

My Great South Run pack has arrived from Diabetes UK with sponsor forms and a running vest so now I can look like an athlete as well, my just giving web page is  (shameless plug please donate if you can.) My Diabetes is still well under control and I feel that I have found the right balance between proper food, exercise, and lifestyle, I am still not entirely comfortable but I have far more information to help see the problems and deal with the them.

My weight loss, last week was 106.8kg this week is 105.5kg a loss of 1.3kg or 2.9lb I am just as pleased with this weight loss as the 6lb loss last week.

For my dear old dad, Happy Fathers Day in old money I am 16st 8.6lb or as he would say the same weight as when I was 16 years old, see previous blog about Delta Team (week seven) and my dad has the same sense of humour, I am still waiting for his spark of inspiration but it will come trust me.

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