Sunday, 12 June 2011

Week Sixteen

After the trails and tribulations of the last two weeks it great to see an improvement so quickly (if two weeks are quick)? as I was more than a little worried that I had fallen back in to deepest darkest depression. After getting some great help from my support network to find the reasons why things have changed in my life in the last two weeks and then get advice to improve it is as always truly amazing.

The most succinct bit of advice I got was from my mum she said "just go back to doing what you were doing before" it was not till a week later that I realized that I had taken that on board without realizing I was doing it, the slimpod is still working even if there are little setbacks along the way. It is clear now that I had become complacent and complacency has no place in my journey. 

One of the reasons I ended up the way I did over the last two weeks was my relationship with bread, it makes no difference that it is wholemeal bread, I still clearly do not have control over it, I only have salad in the sandwich. That is the problem (eureka) the salad is good the bread is bad. The answer therefore is not to have any bread. On the home front having had a chat with my partner Hazel she will not buy me any bread and she will put her white bread in the freezer (as I am to lazy to get it out) to eat it. I don't say it enough but thank you Hazel for your help and understanding in my journey which has not been easy at times as we learn together.

The other reasons I will not go into in a blog, but suffice to say the they have been identified and are or being addressed as we speak, it is an ongoing learning process, that I will get the better of, with help from my support team and it will make me a better person in the long run which I want so badly as the person I have been for many years has some serious flaws that I don't like or want. Information is such a wonderful thing when you find what you are looking for.

On the subject of information when emailing Trevor he spoke to me about a book he thought would help me called The 4-Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss. I did reply back saying honestly that I am not a big book reader but I would get the book. It arrived two days ago due to work I have only read the first 50 odd pages but already I have a section marked for reference its "The Harajuku Moment" The Decision to Become a Complete Human, or in simple terms an Epiphany. I am now looking forward to the rest of the book to learn and aid my journey.

Well I had mine last year that was when I knew I needed help but had no idea how,where or what, that's why I went to press because I knew there was help out there but not how to find it. To the people who have been upset by the press I told my story they made up the headlines, I hope this explains why I did what I had to,to get the help I needed. We all have different ways to solve or not solve problems in our lives and that's fine, one size does not fit all, which in my experience my local PCT had this as its mantra.

My Diabetes control is still going really well my insulin is now down to 20 units day time and 20 units night time which is great news and I have had no hypos either which is great especially as I am training for the Great South Run. I have now set up a Just Giving page should anyone wish to sponsor me for Diabetes UK the page is

The weigh in this week, last weeks was 109.5kg or 17st 3lb this week is 106.8kg or 16st 11lb that's a loss this week 2.7kg or 6lb. Firstly the 16 stone barrier is broken and after the last two weeks to get back on track with a great weight loss this week show's how bad/dangerous complacency is and I must stop thinking I can just have this or just have that. My total weight loss so far is now 26.8kg or 59.1lb or 4st 3lb.  

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