Sunday, 22 January 2012

Week Forty Eight

Just looked at the week number for this weeks blog only four weeks or one month away from my one year anniversary with Thinking Slimmer where has that time gone? More in a months time bet your all looking forward to another long blog!!!

Training for the London Marathon has caused me a few issues this week and its something I need to get my head round very quickly. Let me explain, as you know I work a three week shift pattern so every third Sunday I'm on a day shift like today and this has caused me some worries, Sunday is the long run day of varying distance's until the marathon, I have got myself into a bit of a state over having to work all day then go out for a long run, mainly because of the weather and running part of it in the dark, so far with all my running/training I have done when I wanted to do so if the weather was bad I did not run I would just do it another day making sure that I caught up with the training that I wanted to do and I always made the runs up (If your not honest with yourself you cannot be honest with anyone) When I work a late shift and have some really long runs I will book a day off to recover, now I don't want to do that with the day shift as I will use up to many holidays, so I have to sort myself out to run for up to four or five hours after a full day at work. I can change the training plan around but I don't want to complicate it to much.

Now I have done today's run, it is only two hours and I have run this distance a couple of times now increasing the run by double or more is a cause for concern. I will sit down and see what I can tweak  to make it work better for me and get myself a little more relaxed before running longer distances. I think I have an old problem rearing its ugly head where I find/put myself under unnecessary pressure due to following something (I hope I explain myself here) Knowing I have a training plan takes away my choice knowing that over the next few months my long runs will vary between twelve and twenty miles and I have to do them, the three midweek runs offer no worries so I'm ok with those. I hate this head and I hate feeling like this I know that the slimpod has given me the answers and I feel like I am letting myself down by not finding the answers, I'm sure I will as I am better equipped than ever before to deal with how I feel.

Why do I have to do them? Because I know that I will be running in the greatest and first marathon in my life with two great people that like myself this means so much to each of us individually and as a group of three as we have shared our journeys and supported each other to get this far along our own amazing journeys. But also like the Great South Run once I was committed to running and started the training I knew that I would have to completed the race in some style with a half decent time and that drove my training, so the same apply's for the London Marathon but also 26 miles is a little different to 10 miles so my body needs to be ready to take on this challenge.

Right I have completed two weeks of the training plan and despite what I have just said about this week I have enjoyed them both last week I ran for twenty miles and did a1hr cardio boxing session this week was 22 miles and a 1hr cardio boxing session.

My weight this week was 99kg a gain of 1.2kg on last week. I will not weigh myself for four weeks for 3 reasons, I must stop weighing in every week I spend time on the Thinking slimmer pages telling people that scales are evil yet I weigh in all the time, secondly that will be the one year anniversary of starting with Thinking Slimmer and its also the Brighton Half Marathon race day. Training first weight second just like I did for the Great South Run.

Here's to working out my head and being in the right place to do what I do best and that's go out and enjoy my running.

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  1. I have the same worries about the long runs. I look after the little one at the weekends after working all week. Already the 2 hours means that the hubby has 2 hours less of a break at the weekend. On top of that is the challenge of actually doing it!
    I am also finding the pressure of having to train quite challenging mentally. Like you I would skip days if I didn't feel like it and I won't any more. It helps to not always be running but doing other sorts of exercise. You should defo dig the tape measure out again though. The scales really are meaningless