Monday, 30 January 2012

Week Forty Nine

Time is a valuable commodity to us all and I have enjoyed this past twelve months making good use of it for the first time ever in my life, What I have noticed over the past few weeks is how it seems to be running out for me at the moment and that also means in the next three months as well as the training for the London Marathon ramps up. I have noticed that I am getting more tired these past two weeks and I have less time to sit and relax with a little me time.

Today I am writing this blog feeling very ill I think its to do with my eating to much protein not enough carbs? I have smelly breath when I burp at the moment which is a sign, I need to find information or help to correct this problem, who'd of thought me being ill because I'm healthy and exercising and doing the right thing I think this problem is caused by the extra training I'm now doing for the London Marathon so I need to adjust what and how I eat to correct this problem.

Ok this is me with my compression tights on and my running vest for "Look" the charity I am running for in the London Marathon I will be wearing the vest for Brighton as well, for all the great work I've done dressed like this I look fat still need to lose weight, so that scales and camera's that lie now, anyway the compression tights worked well, to early to say they are brilliant yet but I felt the difference whilst running in them they seem to add a bit of confidence which is always welcome as the runs get longer and harder.

Training for last week was good with the exception of Saturday when I needed to do an hour's cardio boxing on the x-box as I explained earlier having problems with tiredness and my shift pattern by the time I got up got myself sorted I was unable to get myself in a position to do the hour's training and then do a full shift at work. I could have lied and just made up that I had done this training but that would have meant letting myself down and that will never happen anymore in my life. I will promise to make this one hour session up in the future as I have done in my training for the Great South Run if I missed a training session I would always make it up, it will be slightly harder now but not impossible. My body is telling me to adjust and I need to listen and make sure that that I get the basic's right that's Fuel and Hydration for my body the correct amount of training and good quality rest all to be done around my normal working and living environment. My training record can be seen on this link  as always.

I had a fasting blood test for my Diabetes this week more details to follow in a couple of weeks when I get the results but I was weighed and had my height measured I Know I said no weights till Brighton weekend but the scales at the doctor's surgery had me at 95kg with shoes off came home and weighed myself not that light but good enough plus they were a midweek weigh in not a normal Sunday weigh in. They are the official weight on my records now, I have grown by one inch to 5ft 8in  maybe just standing taller and prouder but its a good thing. My BMI has come down by about 17 points as well from my heaviest. Great strides and show's the value of patience and perseverance.  


  1. Firstly wow! Look at you Mr Running Man! Look at the photo on the right when you started out running and then look at what you've just posted. What an amazing transformation.

    Hope you get the carbs thing sorted. I found I was getting tired and have needed to up my intake - I never used to eat them in the evening but now I do. It has helped.

    I completely understand how you feel about time. I find myself looking at my diary every week planning how I'm going to fit in the runs and cross training and what's going to have to give way to make room. I know you'll find a way to fit it all in.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend for the 'Meet the Experts' day - I think it will make it all seem very real!

  2. I was going to say the same as Becca, look at the difference in you now and the lil pic to the right, you look like a different man.
    You are all such an inspiration.

  3. You look amazing Darin. So hard when everyone is holding you accountable to the scales isn't it? But they are not reflecting your great progress.

    Right, now for the stern talk from Auntie Dawn - You need to carb up. Your organs need the carbs for these runs. If you put diesel in a petrol car what happens? It may run and then the engine chokes up and can get permanently broken. By not giving your body the right fuel you will be causing your organs damage. Do as Becca says and make sure you have a carb'd up dinner at least. I know I am crap on diet, but I eat carbs. There is also advice that says to have some carbs straight after your run too. So plan your before and after diet each time you are doing a run. Carbs are your friend and not your enemy.

    You are doing so well. Give yourself a break. If you can't manage 1 hour on the xbox, do 20 minutes. It's not the length of the workout it's what you do in it. And the balance of what you do is also critical. If you swap one run a week for a shorter but more intense interval session it's a good thing. If you swap 1 run for a shorter but cardio endurance session on the Xbox it's a good thing.

    Jealous of you guys meeting again (and sorry for the essay!)