Sunday, 5 February 2012

Week Fifty

As I wrote last week, I was at the start of an illness that has lasted all week resulting in me having to take the week off work and unable to train, I'm not sure if this had anything to do with lack of carbs in the end, on Wednesday I gave in and made an appointment for the Doctor, I had to supply a stool sample which was not that easy to do(I really will spare you all the details) I was offered no treatment other than to wait for the results which should be Monday or Tuesday I'm fine with that just frustrated as I don't know whats wrong with me yet. It could be food poisoning or a bug?

So no training during the week, luckily for me I had some injuries during my training for the Great South Run so I am aware of the benefits of resting this made things a little easier for me. I had to make a decision about Saturday as I was booked in for a day in London at a Meet the Experts day for the Virgin London Marathon for me this was very important and something I really wanted to do, to show how much as a season ticket holder at Portsmouth FC I don't miss matches unless pre booked holidays clash when the fixture list comes out. Being an all round good guy I gave my ticket to a friend who in return only has to put up two pictures for me (I am useless at this stuff and they would fall down and break) whilst in London I heard the game had been postponed my first thought was great I don't miss the game my other was to check the contract I had entered into with my friend to make sure the picture's go up!!!!!!

My day in London was great and spent with Becca Jones who ran the Great South Run with me, we are also doing the Brighton Half the Virgin London Marathon and the British 10k together, we learned a lot from the day Becca wrote a blog about the day and far better than I could ever have done. spref=fb
I even brought new trainers as well! As I left London I also left the snow behind and my thoughts turned to Sunday whilst not feeling 100% I needed to run and I had already arranged to run with Lorraine Albon my Diabetic Doctor and her friend Carol the original plan was to meet up for a run off road the weather put paid to that  but the weather in Pompey was good no snow, so a 7 mile run was agreed whilst a little worried I enjoyed the run and having running partners as well,so I managed to get a little run in and back to work tomorrow even though I don't know what's wrong with me and have to wait for test results. The new me is happy being positive and proactive rather than the old me lounging around feeling sorry for myself doing nothing and taking more time off work sick. THINKING SLIMMER LOVING LIFE.

The link to my training is having mention the Virgin London Marathon its good to mention the fundraising I need to do its a great little charity that will make a big difference to the lives of people that need them Please sponsor me if you can any amount no matter how big or small will make a difference the Charity page is

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