Sunday, 12 February 2012

Week Fifty One

One week for my one year anniversary and my first ever half marathon that was just luck and not planned, but for me to do a race just add's something to the week. As you know I am also running the Virgin London Marathon in April this year (really can not believe how much I am pushing myself) in a positive way.

The last week has been hectic and given me lots of new information to learn and also to not see the training plan as rigid plan that must be followed exactly being ill for a week gave my body time to recover from the hard training and with that the confidence to change my long run to mid week. That was a new longest distance of 13.5 mile's which I ran at a steady fast pace(for me) for all of it. Just when you think that you can not surprise yourself something happens that blows your mind.

Today I spent the whole day at work in the cold no van to keep me warm, I was planning on doing a run after work, when I got home I was still cold and could not face getting changed and going back out in the cold again. Does this count as a failure? I don't thing so and I will tell you why, having spent the day with Becca at the meet the experts we chatted all day and this week have messaged each other as well about not being rigid on the training so that we can do what we planned to do which is to push ourselves and enjoy running the Brighton Half Marathon I will do some tapered runs this week to keep ticking over and then after next week back on track for April. 

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