Sunday, 19 February 2012

Week Fifty Two One Year On

One Year on from meeting Sandra and Trevor at  and boy has it been an eventful year, so many positive things have happened both big and small. In one way which is the weight loss/lifestyle journey at times it has gone painfully slow but I am so happy to be standing here one year on a new man (not the finished article but a new man none the less) In terms of my life the years seem to go quicker and quicker as we get older. I will try my best not to repeat to much of what has happened in the past year I will try and highlight the important bits to me, I'm sure I will miss some things out that does not make them any less important but shows my weakness at composing a blog (I know my limitations its not that I am stupid) If I could turn the clock back and ask for just one thing it would be for an ability to learn and understand things and the chance for a better education.

I will start by thanking people now rather than at the end of this blog because its important to me to thank people  In no particular order as you are all equally important to me. Sandra, Chris and Trevor and all the Thinking Slimmer staff I will always say this Thank You for Saving my Life, Lorraine Albon (Dr) (for creating the running monster) and for all the support, Penny Mordaunt MP, Kris Mayer, Delta Team at work, Dawn Walton and Becca Jones my running buddies my inspiration my heroes and my support (you two will never know how much you have kept me going when I felt like I could not be bothered) My Mum and Dad I hope I've made up for the years of disappointment and under achievement (I know you both love me even you you grumpy old git but I'm sure I have exasperated you many times over the years) My daughter Alison I love you so much and am so proud of you, my grandchildren Bradley, Oakley, Mason, Sonnie, Bailey got to love kids I have earned the right not to be called fat granddad they do tell the truth and I know I'm not fat any more because they told me I'm not. And lastly to Hazel she has the short straw and live's with me and that's not easy. Thank you to you all.

Weight I have lost six stone, did I really thing I would lose that much weight? No. Am I disappointed its not more? Yes I am but I think that'a a natural thought but its not eating away at me I WILL reach my goal there is not nor ever was there a time limit. This is a lifestyle change and my key word is Patience (easy to say hard to do). 

Exercise I am an athlete more importantly I would say a long distance runner my training and track record suggest  that 10k 10 mile and half marathon are where I am comfortable at (did I really just say that wow) I am finding the training for the Virgin London Marathon hard not the running although its a challenge I mean in the time I have to find to do the training I've gone from running between 4 -12 miles a week to 25-40 miles a week. That's a big commitment for anybody with a job and a family (this is not a moan just a realistic observation) this may be my first and last marathon. 

Depression how I ended up on anti depressants I will never know I always vowed never to go on them but I did and they did no good what so ever to me. The first bonus of the slimpod was lifting my depression and making me feel normal that was not on the tin when I met Trevor and Sandra and I am so grateful to be free from depression I still have bad days but not that many and I can see the danger signs and deal with it and come out the other side so much quicker. I do need to say that I am not fixed on this front I still hate myself when I let myself down make bad choice's act differently I so want to keep my composure at all times when this fails I feel I fail. I hope I have explained myself well enough?

Education the second bonus of the slimpod being able to take control, learn new things and know that when a bad day comes along (and bad days do come along) that you take stock of what's happened see why its happened, try to make sure it does not happen again and then move on(right that's happened i'm aware of it now move on) this is such a powerful tool to have and the thing I love the most about Thinking Slimmer.

Future Goals I want to give back to others I love being a proper role model or an Inspiration to people and I wish to work down those lines in the future (not to make money but make a difference) there are many paths we can take in life when looking for help having the right information is key in that goal, if people do not have all the information that's available they may not make the right choices that does not make them wrong choices On that note to everyone in the slimpod facebook group and the fitness group as well each and everyone of you amaze me with your journeys and inspire me to keep going and making the right choices.

To celebrate my one year anniversary (just by luck) I ran the Brighton Half Marathon with Becca Jones it was a challenge its was fun it was informative for the Virgin London Marathon we reached our goal of completing the half marathon in 2:39:50 we are both very pleased happy and proud of this massive achievement. I will blog later about the run.

Here's to the next 12 months of this amazing journey of mine I now plan to just write a monthly blog with updates in between as required. Thank you all for your support. xxx  

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