Monday, 20 February 2012

Brighton Half Marathon +600 Yards

Sunday the 19th February Race number 2 a half marathon this time the whole build up is completely different to the first race back in October. whilst this is a stand alone race and a new further distance its still part of the training plan for the Virgin London Marathon. Trying to separate this has been hard and has been a excellent learning experience.

The race distance is in dispute and we are still waiting for the official line from the race organizers they are investigating as I write this blog all I have to say is that if this is the case I feel felt down as this was my first half marathon but we move on its only a race there will be others.

As most of you know I ran the race with Becca Jones we also did the GSR and will be doing the Virgin London Marathon (With Dawn Walton) the British 10k and this years GSR This is part of our journeys that we are sharing together all be it that training is done separately and recorded on our facebook and fitpod page groups. Our mantra is to complete these races to push and test ourselves but to complete them the time really does not matter its how we feel on the day did we do the best that we could in the conditions on the day, if the answer is yes then we have won. So far we have won twice.

The weather for the day was just perfect a little cold in the build up but once we got started the first warmth of the year from the sun was welcome and a few cold gust's along the way was great as well. We started off a little to fast in the first two miles without realizing how fast we had gone we adjusted and were ok after that we must make sure we do not go that fast in the marathon, great lesson learnt and logged. The race ran its coarse 5 mile and 10 mile splits were good. From mile 11 onward's  both Becca and myself had a little niggle mine was a little cramp in my legs I had another gel and was fine after that another lesson learnt always listen to your body it knows best you don't Becca had a hamstring problem which we dealt with by walking longer and running less. The bigger picture has to be more important and that's London in April.

I need to write about my observations about training and running as I lose weight and do more training so my times and distance's improve. As my training has gone on I have clearly thought that I was better and faster than I thought, this was an eye opener as the race progressed I am in no way upset or disappointed by my time or where we finished (we finished in a race that plenty did not). Just that I will not get carried with fast times in training nor will I get upset with slow(bad) training. Just that what my training will do is get me round the coarse in one piece with something to spare in my legs because I have trained the best that I can for that race. Please do not ask me what time I will run the marathon in I don't care, what I can tell you is I will be nearer the back than the front I will be happy and so full of pride you will never know. There will be no regrets.

I am now officially a 10 mile and half marathon runner and I love the sound of that, me that short fat round guy from last year a proper (slow) runner and athlete.

This is the link to the new updated chip time and position from The Brighton Half Marathon

My run is here

As you can see from the picture above I am running for a charity called Look have a look and see what they are about the support network appeals to me as no matter what problems we encounter having a support network makes life so much easier. As I have said before I need to raise £1500 this is such a large sum for me to raise I really need help from family and friends,work and ex work colleagues. My just giving page is You can also text a donation To: 70070 LOOK47 £ ANY AMOUNT. Your support would be very welcome as I have the chance to push my boundaries and the chance to help others who need help and support when they most need it. 

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