Sunday, 15 January 2012

Week Forty Seven

This week has gone really well loving feeling positive and learning new things as well, even after all this time when something comes along and you sit down and think about it and how to take the positive's and move on such a great feeling.

As last week's blog mentioned the London Marathon and my training plan, I have now completed the first week and it has gone well although a little glitch on Thursday hence the learning and not being negative when things don't go to plan. Right very strange at the start of a training plan because I was just training for the Brighton Half Marathon before (no plan involved or needed) my training previously was based around my shift work which is a three week rota, so I trained when I felt like it and/or it matched my shift pattern. Although I had know about entry to the marathon I really had very little time to sort out paper work to enter the marathon,training and then start work at 13:30 every afternoon so I ended up doing six days training out of seven this was very hard on my legs in the end. so this week I have completed the training plan and go into this weeks training a little more positive about my legs holding out. As the weeks go on and I settle into the plan things will be better as I adjust and make best use of the training. On a major positive note I have said nothing about my shifts getting in the way of training or making excuses about something or other, that's the slimpod at it's best I will have to make one or two minor alterations to the training plan but the rest I will just work round.

My training this week can be seen here

My weight this is 97.8kg a rise of 0.8kg which is nothing in the scheme of things after my nine mile run I checked my weight out of interest only and I was 97kg the same as last week but the morning weigh in is the one that counts. Week one BMI 34.8 Body Fat 53.7% Body Water 31.8% This week BMI 33.9 Body Fat 51.0% Body Water 33.8% so BMI down slightly Body Fat down a little and Body Water up a little.

As always the need to raise money and the charity I am running for in the London Marathon and the Charity itself is

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