Sunday, 8 January 2012

Week Forty Six

A new year a new challenge a new lease of life. Things have transpired in the last week to enable me to find and be accepted for a charity place on the Virgin London Marathon 2012 one whole year earlier than originally plan. The Charity I found and that were happy for me to run for them is called LOOK UK For regular readers of my blog (god bless you) will understand how I feel about the need for support and help on our journeys, For the parent's and carers of Children who have or get serious eyesight problems this becomes even more important to find the right information and answer's to there many question's by others who know and can help them. I am so pleased to have found a Charity were my own views and thoughts match the same as the aims. I do have to raise a minimum of £1500 which is a lot of money I have already set up a just giving page which you all will see regularly. I also have a text page as well  Just text LOOK47 £ any amount to 70070 any amount will make a difference. I now get to run the Marathon with Becca and Dawn which will be an amazing experiences for all of us, you have never seen three grown adults so excited about running with each other, in what will be our first ever marathon.

Last week's blog was important for me to write it took me four days to write and took me in to a deep dark place, having come out of that I can see that the minor weight gain was no more than in other weeks when my weight has fluctuated this week is all positive and we all know positive is the only place to be. I have managed five runs this week which is good from tomorrow I will be looking at Becca's training plan she has kindly sent me (thank you) and getting on board with that. Although I have not done the last weeks of the plan which was when Becca and dawn started their training I have still been doing my bits so I'm not that far behind if at all. This is the link to my runs 

My weight this week is 97kg that's a loss of 3kg or 6.6lb loss 15st 3.8lbs (betting close to under 15st) this is also my lowest weight ever. my BMI is minus 1.2 my body fat is plus 2.8% and body water is plus 2.1% way to early to understand what has happened. I never dreamed I would get the chance to run this years London Marathon, now I have my goal is to train hard finish the race, time will be the time at the finish and to enjoy running it with two really great girls who are my inspiration and have pushed me to keep running during the winter months I am so looking forward to April 22nd 2012 may just be as emotional as October 30th 2011  


  1. I am sooo excited that you managed to get a place. It's going to be such a great day and such an amazing experience for us all, one we'll never forget. Here's to the next 15 weeks of training and to Brighton now being halfway for both of us. Fanastic weightloss too - you'll be under 15 stone before you know it.

  2. Darin that's fantastic news about your London place, well done, well deserved! been reading your blog having just started my own journey with slimpod. Its been an inspiration seeing how the pods have helped you come so far and most importantly how you can keep going after a setback. Helps to show this is a new way to live, not a diet. I'm a runner too training for my first marathon level race - only 20 miles but all off road with lots of crazy hills and bogs. Will be thinking of you clocking up the miles on your way to London. One thing I've learned about running, it doesn't necessarily make you lose weight and when you start really doing distances you have to be a bit careful not to eat a heap more to compensate. BUT it makes you stronger, body and soul. I think you've pretty much proved that already. Respect to you, and good luck!