Thursday, 7 April 2011

Midweek Thoughts

First of all what a great start for the week, actually enjoyed the first two days exercise looking forward to the different programs on the x-box fitness, plenty of variety so will not get bored. Glad I started at home quite funny (sad), my coordination is worse than bad, legs and arms all over the place and never in the right place at the right time, it will get better slowly, thank god I am the only one in the room. Looking forward to making my fitness video "How to fall over in a heap gracefully every 2 minutes and get fit" Sounds like a best seller to me.

Legs feeling better today will make sure I do a bit of walking to make sure legs are ok. Get to do do extra session this Saturday as Pompey at home so not working late shift. I have noticed already that my energy levels are up and I am doing more things than I ever did before because I can move about with ease and not worry about my health as my weight lowers.

I forgot to mention that my goal for April is to be able to do up the top button of my work shirts so that I can wear my tie. Today I have got my work clothes ready for today and the trouser's I have been wearing are to loose so I pulled out old pair size 40 and they fit only just but enough that I can wear I am so amazed my biggest trousers were size 48 and I have never felt better in years and years.

Deep down inside me I am still scared that I will fail. Why I don't know my life style change is permanent and I love being able to make good choices. I have this week brought some dates and nuts which are good for you but not in large portions I am failing with this as I am picking at them. I will have to either stop having them or buy smaller amounts, this is clearly a major set back but I can see straight away what went wrong. I am a little upset that I could not control myself this is the first time I have failed on portion size so its not all doom and gloom.  Lesson learnt time to move on.

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