Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Week Six

Been to hospital for diabetic check up first time seen Doctor since the press story broke will now be keeping an eye on blood sugar levels more closely due to weight loss. The need to balance weight loss, blood sugar level and the new ingredient going into the mix EXERCISE. Also spoke with GP so everyone is up to speed at where I am at.

First things first gyms I am not a fan of them having done them before and the fact you have to join for a year I'm sorry but that is a rip off if gyms allowed you to turn up and pay that would be better and I would be more inclined to embrace the gym. I brought my good lady an x-box kinect so I am now going to start at home with the x-box I am also getting a bike to ride to work and use when I have free time (shift work).

Having spoke about my concerns over the last couple of weeks and spoken with my Doctor's and Sandra I accept that weight loss will slow due to the weight loss I have already achieved as my body adjust's to the life style change's being made and the fact that I am still eating healthy and I am still not interested in bad foods. I am still on track and the plan was always to embrace the life style change and integrate my shift patterns first and then when the weight loss slowed introduce exercise.

The thing I have to watch now is not to use exercise as an excuse to eat more but to find the right balance between giving my body the fuel that its needs not wants and to make that my blood sugars stay stable, I have noticed that at the moment my blood sugars do drop with exercise and I have to get my sugars back up as I feel unwell. I will monitor this stage of my journey so carefully and if I struggle with the balance I have access to the right people to get help and advice.

On Tuesday I will use my fit pod and I am so glad to have it knowing how much change has happened with my slim pod, I go into this phase full of confidence that over the coming days and weeks I will embrace the exercise with enthusiasm and make the most of what it will offer me.

Weight for this week is 118.8 last week 119.1 that is a weight loss exactly the same as last week 0.3kg or 0.7lb. Bring on the next phase of my journey and kick start the weight loss again.    

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