Sunday, 17 April 2011

Week Eight

This has been a weird week for me I have committed the cardinal sin of weight watching and this has really messed me up this week. That was the first time in eight weeks I have done this and I hope never to do so again there must be better ways to torture oneself.

I am loving exercising on the x-box fitness still and I have even done an extra session this week as well (this is really amazing as exercise is/was not my thing really) I know it is working and that helps a great deal. I hope to get my bike this week and am looking forward to riding to stretch my legs and keep my body ticking over between exercise days. I am still working on exercising on my rest days and I look forward to them as well, I plan to top up in between if I need to.

My diabetes is a very important part of my life and needs constance checks to make sure that my body is coping with the chances to my life style chance. I am filling in food intake blood sugar sheet every day from now on as this also acts as a guide for me especially with my new found fondness fruit. I will also be changing my insulin in the next two weeks which will hopefully help stop the hypos I have been getting. This has made me realize that my weight loss is clearly good and at a safe level for my body to cope with, losing weight more quickly might well come at a cost to my health which in the long term would do more harm than good.

OK down to the weigh in as it has been a tough week with the scales I am very please to announce that this week my weight is 116.8kg last week was 118.1kg someone must have stolen 117kg thank you for that,anyway that is a weight loss of 1.3kg or 2.9lbs.

I feel on top of the world after this week and feel so happy that everything is failing into place as new elements are brought in to my journey I can now see for the first time why Sandra and Trevor were so confidant that this would happen when I clearly had reservation's due to my old way of thinking and being depressed. I now really do feel as though my mind has been re-tuned and I have joined the party.

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