Sunday, 24 April 2011

Week Nine

Where to start this week. Diabetes I think, I have had a bad week with hypos, far to many for my liking and not to sure why to be honest. I have an appointment with the hospital this week so I hope to get answers to help me get back on track I will also be getting my new insulin as well so that will help out. I have to say that I am a little worried by this week and wonder weather it could be psychological? If my blood sugar drops then I need to eat hopefully it is just my diet and not me, I hope not as this is not in the plan.

Exercise, I hurt my leg on Wednesday but managed to nurse through to finish the training session also had one of my grandson's stay over so was able to rest my leg which is just as important as exercising. I did walk to football and back on Saturday but I had problems with my bum and legs sort of pins and needles not sure if it was to do with dehydration or something else it was a very hot day, will ask questions at hospital this week. I do need to work hard this week at making everything work due to family commitments my good lady deserves a bit of my time this week as she has a week off work.

Food, this has been a strange/bad week and again I can not say why it has happened I missed an evening meal on Thursday and I have eaten more wholemeal bread and fruit than I should/need to this week, again is this down to the hypos more than me? I hope so, also the fact I have done less training than planned this week has made a difference.

I am amazingly upbeat this week after taking stock of everything and that is down to the slimpod and Sandra and Trevor's support and advice, that I don't see this week as a massive failure, but that the journey is taking its natural coarse and there will be ups and downs along the way to reach the end goal. That I can take stock and see the whole of the previous week and what has happened and have a plan for the following week is a tool that I have never had before. My weight this week is a still a disappointing 117.8kg last week was 116.8kg which is a gain of 1kg or 2.2lb.

On that bombshell I would like to announce that on Dr Albon's advice and encouragement I have entered the Great South Run on Sunday 30th October 2011 in Portsmouth, this is very daunting to me but having made the decision of a life style change and embracing exercise it would be wrong of me to make excuses not to do something like this, my only aim is to finish the race and the pride and confidence that it will give. I can not believe that I have done this nor have I ever felt the need to do something like this in the past. I am very proud of doing this and strangely looking forward to the big day.             

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