Sunday, 1 May 2011

Week Ten

Lets start with Diabetes again this week, this is my biggest and most important challenge in my journey and after the last couple of weeks struggling to keep it in check, I believe that as expected with the help of the hospital we have sorted out the problems of the last couple of weeks. I have been taking to much insulin for what I am now eating and exercising which is a shock as I have already reduced my night time insulin by 50% and my day time by 40%. This just goes to show how badly I have looked after myself these past few years. I am more comfortable reducing my insulin now as my life style improves my health and weight. Since Wednesday I have kept my blood sugar under control and feel so much better for doing so, and I feel great again for being in control of the diabetes and it not being in control of me.

Exercise, I am still loving the X-Box Fitness and the whole lifestyle changes that it brings I have kept a record of my exercise after my first month and will send it to the wonderful people who help and support me so they can see how I am doing. I am also looking forward to training for the Great South Run which is six months away, my aim is to just completed the race for my own personal wellbeing and having a goal to push me along  on my journey.

Food, again after last weeks set back with the diabetes I can see now that I was still on track and only ate what I needed to to look after my body and see it through the difficult period of adjusting to my health conditions. This is such a relief as deep down there is always the worry of losing control of food. This is absolutely crazy because the cycle has been broken by the slimpod, and backed up by the fact I have not eaten any bad foods in ten weeks nor do I wish to eat any bad foods.

My weight for this week is 116.5kg last weeks was 117.8kg that is a weight loss of 1.3kg or 2.9lbs which means that after taking into account last weeks weight gain of 1kg or 2.2lbs due to my diabetes I have lost more this week than I gained last week,that is just a fantastic feeling knowing that when problems come along I have the knowledge and support to solve them learn from them and use the information to move on and enjoy the journey that I am taking.


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  1. Hi Darin. Which slimpod are you using? I've just started the chocolate one as that's my big hang up. Am hoping I do ok. :D