Sunday, 8 May 2011

Week Eleven

Having got over the various problems I have encountered over the last 3 months and learnt from them so I can move forward with my journey. I feel that this week I will do a an update of my journey so far,hopefully I won't repeat myself to much.
The hardest part of my journey is my diabetes and controlling my blood sugar levels this I knew from day one would be the biggest hurdle to get over in my quest to get control back of my whole life whilst I feel that I have broken the back of it I know I must keep on top of it as I hate having the hypo's,the fact that my insulin is still coming down is great and long term I am hoping to not need insulin any more. I am also really happy with the steady weight loss I have achieved although deep down I would have liked a massive drop for one week but that's not to be.The benefit of the steady weight loss will prove to be the right way when I reach my goal.

I have been amazed at how my journey has gone and after 3 months I can now see all the benefits that I have achieved and the confidence that gives me for the rest of my journey. I am now comfortable and happy around food knowing that I have the self control that I have always wanted and needed. I still cannot believe that I have starting exercising as I was adamant that I was not going to do any but the slimpod reprogrammed my brain and it made me make the right choices for my life style journey and now that I started exercising I want to make the most of it to aid my weight loss and now the fact that I have entered the Great South Run gives me a real goal to aim for in six months time. I am aware that I am still learning and will always be learning and putting into place the the right things that I need to move forward with my journey.

The X-Box training that I am doing is going great and I can now see the benefits and how much I have improved since I have started which gives me great pleasure to know that I am getting better both mentally and physically. My balance and co-ordination is a little better but I still look like a dying swan as I wonder all over the place trying to keep upright and not lose my balance or fall over. I have also noticed that my back aches quite a bit at the moment,I'm sure that is down to my body shape and the fact that no matter how many times the voice says keep a straight back I look at myself and wish the day would come when I can exercise with a straight back. I have also realized the importance of rest in between sessions and not trying to do to much which means that I have better quality sessions when I do train again learning these new things as I go along is really great.

Halfords have said no to the bike the nice PR people offered me a free bike but the Halfords lawyer's decided that it was not a good move because I might claim against them if I fell off or if the bike collapsed!!!  Its laughable!! . Any way went out Saturday and brought myself a bike so I can start riding to work and use as a fitness aid towards the Great South Run. The bike is now set up and ready to go so now the real training towards the Great South Run can start by putting the miles into my legs so I can complete the race.
On the Great South Run front have announced that they will give away 20 slimpods to anyone that wishes to take part in the Great South Run with me on 30th October 2011 in Portsmouth we will be raising funds for Diabetes UK you don't have to be diabetic nor do you need any experience as I have none my aim is to finish the race for my own self confidence belief and pride. You can contact me or Thinking Slimmer. Come along and enjoy the experience and a new way of life where you are in control of your life.

The weigh in this week then, last week was 116.5kg this week is 114.5kg that's a loss of 2.0kg or 4.4lbs next week I will say good bye to being 18st and hello to being 17st and hopefully it won't be for long as I pass through to my target weight of 13 st or 83kg. 

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