Sunday, 29 May 2011

Week Fourteen

Another learning curve week. I just love the fact that I can still sit back at the end of the week and look back on what I have done and highlight the good points and the bad points. This week I have both to highlight so I will start with the bad.

Food again is the problem, scratch that let's be honest here I am the problem with food, more importantly I have got lazy with meals and eating them and tended to have salad sandwich's clearly the s on the end is the major problem. I do eat brown bread but I have a couple of times eating white bread I know its wrong but I have still eaten it. This must stop and stop now, I need to go back to the start of my journey and remember my bad relationship with bread in the old days, and stay away from it again.

Meals are the next problem and the type and quality of them I have clearly got lazy, and my thought process has gone a little haywire, where I am thinking that the exercise is working well (which it is) so maybe I can get away with letting my new found high standards drop. Well this week is the realization that I cannot, I must go back to previous weeks and make sure that I have proper meals. The one think I am still not getting right is vegetables and I am going to make sure that I get this right and have enough fresh vegetables in the house and make sure I have fish and meat (separately) as well, I must get back to a well balanced level of food to give my body the correct amount of energy it needs for me to lose weight and fuel me for the exercise that I do.

The good point this week is exercise, I have for the first time broken the 1000 calories in a 2 hour session which is a great milestone achieved I have also done 2 seafront jog/walk this week which is a first. On the first   jog I was able to jog a lot more which is a great boost because after the first time I thought I would never be able to jog. Also I was able to be 10 minutes quicker which is also a great boost. On Saturday for the first time I did an X-box session in the morning and went for a jog it was very windy and not nice but I still matched my best time so again another boost, also I have had no problem with my calf on Saturday so again that is good and gives me confidence now that my body is capable to train and get fit and complete the Great South Run. 

The weigh in for this week is clearly nothing special but the positive is no weight gain and having the information needed to progress next week. Last week was 108.5kg this week is 108.4kg so I will call this even weight for the week. Diabetes has also been great again even with the exercise program,This is truly amazing after all the years I struggled due to my bad lifestyle decisions.   

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