Sunday, 22 May 2011

Week Thirteen

This may be a short blog this week, for the first time since the process started I have had a almost normal week without to much happening this week so hooray for a the first of many normal weeks in the the rest of my journey.

I have had one setback this week but on the positive side it has happened at the best time in my three week rota as I am on the eight days out of nine days so exercise is pretty light during this period. On Saturday morning I went out before work to do my second jog/walk along the seafront, I actually felt that I needed to get out and train so was pumped up to get out and improve my time. I started off jogging at a slower pace than on the first occasion which seemed ok and I managed 2 minutes and 15 seconds before walking I was on such a high and full of confidence for the session ahead after a few minutes I set off on another jog, 30 seconds in my right calf went and I had to stop despair set in for a few short minutes I did a few stretches walk around in a circle checking the leg out, I decided that I wanted to continue and finish the 5 mile's as defeat is not am option. I carried on and my calf felt it could cope I finished the session only 2 minutes slower than the first one. This has given me so much confidence that I can complete the race under any circumstances.

I am now looking after my calf and will make sure it is healed properly before I exercise again at least that is only Monday's session on the X-Box fitness that I will lose and I will be able to make that up later so that overall I should be on track to complete all the session's that I need to to give me the best possible chance to complete my journey and the Great South Run.

On the weigh in for this week after last week's super weight loss, there is no pressure for big numbers although last week was such a big boost to my confidence, and remember that I work on a three week shift pattern that is uneven so no one week is the same, so to replicate is unrealistic. Last week I was 110kg or 17st 4.5lbs this week is 108.5kg or 17st 2.1lbs that's a weight loss of 1.5kg or 3.3lbs. On the insulin front I am now down to 25 units for day time and night time life is so much better now I have control of my diabetes and I am not getting any hypos. 

I am well pleased with how the week has gone and can now say that the journey is easier than it was before, I am not being complacent and know that I have to set goals and work at what I do but I think it is now a more natural process an I am not thinking about what I am doing it just happens.    

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