Sunday, 15 May 2011

Week Twelve

Week Twelve what a milestone week this has been for me. Made the local paper again about the Great South Run and my entry, picture editor needs a kick up the behind that was never the best photo out of all those taken.

I believe that a couple of people have signed up to run/jog/walk with me in the race well done to you and if you fancy a free slimpod come and join us in the race see website for full details,it will be a great journey.

I am getting excited about the race and the high from the achievement of taking part and finishing the race. Yesterday I did my first jog/walk with my partner Hazel in preparation for the big day and I have to say I was amazed at what I achieved and whilst the time was nothing to write home about it gives me something to work with and the knowledge that I can complete the race this is the first time since entering that I have thought this. For the people that do not know Portsmouth the seafront road from Eastney to Clarence Pier is approx 2.5 miles which is one quarter distance of the Great South Run yesterday for the first time ever I completed the trip there and back which is half race distance in 1hr 27 min 18 seconds it was a power walk with 5 one minute jogs that was hard how do you guys that run do it? I know I will improve in the next five months or so . I cannot tell you how much of a buzz I got off that last night it was truly a moment in ones life that dawns on you what you have achieved was special in the journey that I have taken and barriers have been smashed down and I can see ahead to how I will achieve goals. 

I am loving being on such a natural high after a fantastic week on my journey and it just goes to show that if you put in the work and noticed the problems as they arrive and work on them in time everything will fall into place this is where I truly believe I am at after last week and this. Enough talking now I am so bursting to get this information out. My weight loss is ................ last week was 114.5kg this week ............ 110.0kg that is an amazing 4.5kg or 9.9lbs not only did I break the 18 stone barrier I smashed it to piece's by going straight down to 17st 4.5lbs.

I am truly proud of myself for the first time since I started my journey as this is a combination of everything coming together and the realization that with the correct information and help you can make a difference to your life and regain the control needed for a healthier better lifestyle. My blood sugar's are so much more under control and I have not had a hypo for nearly two weeks I eat fruit in a more measured way than previously and I love only eating to give my body the energy that it needs, one word CONTROL I love that word and what it means to me now. As this is three months since I started Thinking Slimmer I will recap my weight loss.

At my heaviest I was  133.6kg or 21st 0.5lb when I joined up with Thinking Slimmer I was 126.0kg or 19st 11.8lb and today 110.0kg or 17st 4.5lb that a total weight loss of 23.6kg or 3st 10lb under Thinking Slimmer thats  a weight loss of 16kg or 2st 7.3lb. www.thinkingslimmer  Please stand up and take a bow without your great product and help I would not be here. also Dr Lorraine Albon and Penny Mordaunt MP for their help and support as well, to you all my heart felt thanks.

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