Sunday, 10 April 2011

Week Seven

Writing this weeks blog on such a natural high, two months ago I was suffering from deep depression which I have had for years so unhappy with myself and my life. This week has been the best week on my journey by far and the previous weeks have been pretty amazing as well. I have done three training session's this week on the x-box fitness and two 45 minutes power walks on Saturday to Fratton Park and back home afterwards, I feel so much better for doing them and am so positive about the future doing exercise and enjoying the process as well.

I have to write a section on Delta Team these are my work mates and a motley crew we all are, we all have our faults and sometimes we upset one and another but we always look after each and I am so proud to call these people my friends. We have a motto never let the truth get in the way of a good mickey take, and if the truth is known I am the butt of most things most of the time, to be fair I don't help myself but the comments are funny and I give as good as I get. That said this bunch of reprobates have also supported me talked to me, asked questions of me and challenged me and never ever judged me. Thank you Delta team I am grateful for all your support in the past present and future, you are an important part of my journey.

The weigh in this week is 118.1 last week it was 118.8 thats a loss of 0.7kg or 1.5lb. As I mention before I have had a flirtation with nuts that have not gone well and my blood sugar is still work in progress as I keep adjusting my insulin to my new healthier life style, my trouser size is down to size 40 so I am really pleased with this week and again look forward to next week with no negative thoughts and new barriers to break as my journey continues.

It is now time to get ready for work and brace myself for Delta team's response to this blog and just hope someone else will do something stupid quickly to take the heat of me alas I think that will not happen so I better be ready.

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